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Retro Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Ad Appears In Famitsu

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still a few months away, but print advertisments have started appearing in Famitsu in Japan. Designed to look like a promo for the original Zelda, the advert is certainly hoping to tug on some nostalgia heartstrings. Check it out below.




  1. Great. Now the idiots in the US will think this is trying to say Breath of the Wild is connected to Zelda 1 & 2. After all, they did vote the idiot Trump into office. Sorry, idiots, but this probably has absolutely nothing to do with the story of BotW and is just a fun little throwback to show where Zelda started from to what it will become with the newest entry!

      1. Isn’t it obvious? Because some of the idiots that took part in the elections are gamers themselves. I don’t see how it’s that hard to make the connection.

      2. If that’s not good enough for you, then I’ll say this as a backup. I like to go off-topic a lot. If you don’t like people going off-topic, My Nintendo News just isn’t for you.

        1. Poor little foreign democrat. If like we can send Hillary to stay with you. Stupid little entitled brat if u don’t like something don’t look idiot.

          1. Don’t assume because I was against Trump that I’m from another country. Or that I supported Hillary. Or that I’m a democrat. If anything, I’m bipartisan that believes we should follow the middle ground, not go far left or far right because both sides of that coin are corrupt. Anyway, if you don’t like it, I’ll tell you the same thing you told me: If you don’t like something, don’t look, idiot.

          1. xD Show this to Samuel Coley. He could use this the next time he decides to go Super Saiyan on someone. Anyway… *scratches back of head* One tiny little comment about politics & some people lose their shit. Just goes to show how easy it is to offend some people. *shrug* Oh well…

      1. Like I said on another article & on Facebook, let’s hope Trump isn’t the idiot he’s made us believe he was over the last year & proves to be one of our best presidents ever. If he turns out to be horrible, hopefully Congress will impeach him quicker than they did Nixon decades ago since that guy resigned before they had the chance to make him the first president to ever be kicked out of office.

        1. Exactly, I still hope he was playing a character during the campaign. Whoever is assigned to be the POTUS cannot be that dull-witted.

      2. Oh & Trump only won because of the electoral votes as Hillary kicked his ass in the popular votes. Whether we dodged a bullet with Hillary or not, we may never know. What we will know soon enough, though, is whether Trump was really the best person for the job of POTUS or not. *crosses fingers & hopes for the best*

        1. Accordingly to Matt Groening, Lisa Simpson will be the next president, and Donald Trump will bankrupt the US. XD

          1. xD I saw that last night when I was watching Chris Hardwick’s Comedy Central show. He even pointed out that it is from an episode back in 2000. 2-fucking-000!! xD

              1. I made a comment 6 years ago on November 9th, 2010 on Facebook about seeing dumb people everywhere. Yesterday, Facebook even had it as my only memory on November 9th that it reminded me of. It was a joke at the time but now… *shudders* It’s sad when instead of voting for country, most voted for party in spite of how much of an asshole Trump was & in spite of how much of a liar Hillary was. Of course, it’s not entirely the people’s fault but the American media’s, too, for always focusing solely on the 2 party system while ignoring the independent guys. :/ Country over party, guys! D:

    1. -lives and was born in the US
      -does not support Trump
      -did not like any of the candidates a great deal
      -is a black American, and lives in a city with a self proclaimed vindicated KKK… so yeah.

      But I also kind of have a feeling this Zelda might tie into all/a lot of the previous ones. Lol maybe i’m an idiot for thinking there could be a connection to the NES titles at all but honestly I see references to multiple times in different timelines, and since the reveal thought that they could be merging or at least referencing all of them in BotW if it somehow takes place after them or something.

      That said I really just want to play the game and not get caught up trying to know the whole story before it comes out. This game could be separate form every other Zelda game for all I care, if it’s good I wanna play it.

        1. Lol ayyy! I live in Ohio. I’ve seen the KKK and their propaganda all my life yet people all over this country say racism is dead. The racists have been spray painting awful things since Trump won and plenty of people who used to act civil in front of minorities have been saying racist things left and right over the last 24-36 hours. I’ve seen and heard horrible stuff but it’s nothing new. They’re just feeling brave knowing that the President-Elect himself has sneakily encouraged that sort of behavior.

          But to people living outside the US who feel like we’re idiots for electing Trump know that Hillary Clinton got more votes total winning the Popular Vote, but she lost the Electoral Vote which limits states to a certain amount of votes based on the size of the state… Essentially Trump’s supporters were more spread out.

          But this isn’t the place for all that so i’ll end with this; even though that guy will be President of the United States when this game comes out, I kinda still can’t wait to play it… Kinda haha…

          1. Like I said in other places, maybe Trump will surprise us & be one of our best presidents in the history of America. Maybe the crap he spewed during the election was just to win it & he’ll be more bi-partisan once he’s sworn in. Only time will tell now.

          2. If he does turn out to be more balanced than the election had us believe and takes the bi-partisan route, he’ll need all the support from the people he can get since I guarantee some, if not many, republicans will fight him tooth & nail, like they did Obama, since they have majority rule in the House & Senate, having control over Congress itself where the real power is since the president can’t do shit if they are against him. He’ll even have the far left imbeciles trying to fight him, too, since those pricks are just as corrupt as the far right jerk offs. :/

            1. Right, though this is the first time that all the branches of our government have been controlled by Republicans since like the year before the Great Depression 😆

              I think with him having no political experience at all though he’ll likely ask for help from more experienced people, and so maybe things won’t be as bad, but as far as his campaign tactics he was so intentionally divisive that the damage done likely can’t be repaired. He garnered a lot of support through hate and many people are with him just because of that. He can later switch up and say he’s for everyone but citizens acting a fool now, even physically assaulting people and they don’t want to go back into hiding.

              Regardless of what he does though I’ll be playing Switch in my free/chill time and ignoring people’s ignorance to the best of my abilities.

      1. I just made a little, short comment about politics. It’s not my fault the anons focused solely on that tiny little sentence. *shrug* Whatever. If they focused solely on that, I can only conclude they were the idiots I spoke of. lol Not my problem.

  2. The timeline is bullshit. If you don’t realize that than you’re fooling yourself. They never went into any game thinking how they can connect it to the last. Each game is it’s own story and adventure.
    They only made the timeline to please fans or to perhaps to make/give the series a saga/cohesiveness.
    -also, there is only the illusion of choice.

    1. While each game can easily stand on it’s own, there isn’t much talk of what happens before & after each game that it is possible to make a timeline & make it work. If you actually read the Hyrule Historia timeline in detail, it helps the timeline make perfect sense. That & a little imagination goes a long way. Just admit the reason people like you hate the official timeline is because it stomps all over your personal little head canon.

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