Video: Here’s Another Look At The Famicom Mini

Japan is renowned for its bizarre commercials and the latest segment of Japanese show Denjin ☆ Getcha! is no exception. Takahashi Meijin, who used to work at Hudson Soft, spends some time discussing the Famicom Mini with his variety of co-presenters and showcases some of the games including within the cheap and cheerful package. During the segment footage of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was also shown. You can check out all the goodness in the video embedded, below.

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  1. P1. Pretty funny. Too bad I don’t understand Japanese. I’d like to be able to fully appreciate the video.

    Good news is I can shift more focus back to gaming now that the election is over.

    1. I was planning on getting mine from Playasia. I don’t think they’re sold out because the same message that appears on the Famicom page also appears on the NES page and I know the NES version wasn’t available for preorder. I would check back on the 11th.

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