Video: Here’s A Look At A Diddy Kong Racing Sequel That Didn’t Happen

Diddy Kong Racing is a favourite amongst Nintendo fans so its disappointing to learn that Climax Studios pitch for a game called Diddy Kong Racing Adventures was turned down. Fortunately for us Andrew Borman of PtoPOnline has shared information on the Diddy Kong Racing title for the GameCube that never came into fruition. You can take a look at it in the video below.


  1. I had bet they were planning on adding Kazooie too. She’d pop out of Banjo’s backpack and aide with item attacks and throw her two cents in during cutscenes. Like criticizing Diddy for loosing his family or anger one of the bosses.

    1. Screw Nintendo for letting Rare go during that era. If not for that, we possibly could have gotten this game at some point on the Wii if not late in the Gamecube’s lifespan. If not made by Rare themselves, at least by someone that could have given us a nice sequel since Nintendo would have still had access to the many characters that were in the first Diddy Kong Racing that Rare owned the rights, too. But nope. Nintendo gave up the rights to their IPs the moment they let Microsoft buy the company, and it’s library of IPs. :/

  2. Does Rare own the rights to the big bad of Diddy Kong Racing? If so, damn it! That’s 2 strikes to a future Diddy Kong Racing game: it’ll need new racers that Nintendo owns because Rare took most of the roster with them when Nintendo foolishly let Microsoft buy the company along with it’s IP library AND it will need a new villain!

    1. Nintendo does have the rights to Diddy Kong racing, they just can’t use Banjo or Conker, hence their absence in the DS remake. The lack of any sequel could be the same reason why F-Zero is dead, they think it’s redundant to make another racing series while they already have Mario Kart, which is utter bs.

      1. Ah yes. The same bullshit excuse they use for ruining Paper Mario’s RPG elements with Sticker Star & Color Splash. :/

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