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Video: Check Out This Transformers Inspired Nintendo Switch Cartoon

If you’re after a blast from the past this Saturday then be sure to check out this Transformers inspired video for the Nintendo Switch. It will instantly transport you back to the 80’s and the talented team behind the video also created the Star Fox anime style video. We will learn more about Nintendo’s upcoming Switch platform in January when Nintendo will lift the lid on the platform and games ahead of its March 2017 release date.



    1. “My job, as a director… is I get to dream for a living.”

      Translation: “My job, as a director… is I get to put explosions on everything I touch. Including IPs like Transformers.

      And companies like Samsung.”

        1. He was a producer & had a lot of pull with the 2 movies that got made. Producers have a lot more pull than some people realize.

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