Australia: New Wii U Bundle Arrives In Time For Christmas Plus New Nintendo Selects Games

Nintendo Australia has confirmed that it will be launching a brand new Wii U bundle for consumers this Christmas. The package will include Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 and will retail for $429. In other news the Australian side of the company has confirmed two new Nintendo Selects titles which are Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Pikmin 3. These budget titles will go on sale on December 1st.


    This is ridiculous.
    NO ONE WILL BUY THIS. Lived in Australia for 6 years. Nintendo products are STUPIDLY overpriced.
    Nintendo has absolutely no presence in this territory

  2. That is an amazing bundle! Two of my favourite games. However, are you sure its $429? That can’t be right lol

    1. It’s Australia they get screwed over like crazy with pricing. $429 AUD comes out to about $323 USD. Kind of unfortunate for them.

  3. I pity Australia. You guys have it worse than the rest of us. Then again, Brazil has it even worse when it comes to prices! For the sake of our Brazilian & Australian brethren, let’s hope the Nintendo Switch is region free so they can possibly import consoles for a lot less than their country charges for localized systems.

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