Target Is Listing A June 13th North American Release Date For Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Rumors about the release date of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild have been circulating a lot as of late, and an update to the game’s listing at Target isn’t helping matters. In North America, Target’s listing for the game says that the game releases on June 13th. It’s not certain whether this is a placeholder date or not, and any further developments on this will likely take a while due to Nintendo’s planned silence until January, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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  1. Well that’s cool. Hope Switch releases with Mario cuz if Mario and Zelda are not launch games then I won’t buy. Cuz really nothing else will blow my mind like I know those two games will.

  2. Really disappointing news. I already expected the delay but 3 months after release?! Wt could they possibly have at launch now. Hopefully they got something good for that January info

  3. The recent Switch lineup reported by Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz) stated that Zelda’s release would be in the summer. This lines up with that.

  4. Over the past 6 months, they have had the game listed with 7 or 8 different release dates. Target, WalMart, Best Buy will not have the correct release date this early unless they happen to guess it.

  5. Well now I’m pissed. To many delays that I don’t even want to get exited about that game anymore. Is ridiculous that they have been working on this for almost 10 years and they just gave us spin offs remasters hd and 3ds zelda games. Why the don’t see just hire more people so they can FINALLY finish that game. Crappp!

  6. *facepalm*

    This can’t be a delay if Nintendo never mentioned when in 2017 the game would come out. There was never any official indication that it would be out day 1 with the Switch, only our assumptions.

  7. Where is this all of this delay nonsense coming from? If people are referring to the Wii U version of BOTW being delayed often then they do have a point but Nintendo never specified the date of when the Switch version would get released. Now me, I’m a huge Zelda fanboy and I’m eagerly anticipating BOTW but I rather play a bug/glitch free game running smoothly even if it means waiting til next summer than playing a game running horribly with all kinds of flaws. To the disgruntled Zelda fans I say let’s give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt. Sure it sucks that it won’t be available on launch day but we will get a way better experience with Nintendo ensuring that it gets an enormous amount of quality

    1. I am pissed that my WiiU copy keeps getting delayed. They are pulling a “Rayman Legends” on WiiU owners, making them the same or worse than Ubisoft at this point. Give us our fucking Zelda game so we can enjoy it before Switch is released.

      If Nintendo makes us wait for a simultaneous WiiU/Switch Release, I’m going into rage mode. If WiiU owners get fucked by Nintendo with one last “Fuck our loyal supporters” by delaying Zelda the Way Ubisoft delayed Rayman, Then that will void people’s excuse to give Ubisoft shit anymore as Nintendo has done and continues to screw us like every other developer.

      1. “If Nintendo makes us wait for a simultaneous WiiU/Switch Release, I’m going into rage mode.”

        I was under the assumption that this is exactly what was going to be happening. Did you really not see this coming?

      2. As much as I hate the Wii U & long for the day that shitty console finally keels over, it is bullshit that the Wii U version is being held hostage. So my reason for giving Ubisoft shit is not void since I will give Nintendo the same shit. xD

      3. But yeah. Anyone giving Ubisoft hell for what they did but then turn around & give Nintendo a pass are definitely hypocrites & their bitching about Ubisoft doing it is null & void.

  8. Totally agreed! I don’t care about the time it’s taking… All I care about is that it will be as bug free as possible.

    I don’t wanna have it released now and then got myself stuck at some point because of a glitch, and then wait another few months to download a patch in order to fix it!

    It will be a massive game, and I’ll understand (but not like it) if, eventually, they decide to release a portion of the game and then have remaining content on e-shop for download… Bur as long as the game’s parts are perfect, let it come!!!!

  9. Jessuzzz people. Stop playing the “A bad game is bad forever” card. The WiiU game is DONE. and if it isn’t, then what the fuck is Nintendo doing devoting ANY resources into a switch version?

    Those of us that supported their fucking Wii2 deserve to have our patience rewarded for hanging on to our WiiU’s to the end. Give us the fucking game. It’s not OK that it keeps getting delayed, no matter what sad excuses everyone wants to use. Maybe if they didn’t get lazy making ports and games Noone wanted, they would could hit a fucking deadline once in a while.

        1. This is the typical response I would expect from some entitled gaming snob on here. All I see is you bitching and complaining about nonsense.

          Nintendo doesn’t owe you shit. Get over it.

          1. Actually, they do owe us. They owe us for all the years of bullshit they’ve put us through. Just because you are enjoyed the big name game droughts doesn’t mean the rest of us did.

          2. If you go into a pizza place & they tell you they have no pizza to give & all they got are salads or side dishes to feed you, are you going to be all happy about it & stay there to eat? Or are you gonna walk your ass right back out the door & go to a pizza place that DOES have the pizza? If you do the former, you are an idiot. Just a slave to the corporations. But no, no. You use your little “you’re just being an entitled gaming snob” cop out. Go buy a sheep costume and put it on, bub, because that’s what you are.

  10. honestly, i am very upset that it is taking this long for one game to be developed…..BUT i am holding myself together because if they need to fix something, then they need to fix it i understand. I would rather have a perfect game after waiting extra months ,then to get it now and have a game that might have a bug. My main worry is that a lot of people were excited for the switch because they believed that zelda botw would come out with the switch and now that it most likely will not be released with the switch then the sales for the switch will end up like the wii u. If the summer release date is true or if the game will miss the switch release date then i am hoping that nintendo has a really good game to cover the place for zelda botw. as of now target has removed the date that others have seen so either a) nintendo contacted them and asked them to take it down….b) they did it by accident and they took it down hoping not to many people saw…c) it is just a placeholder…d) some other reason….I have visited many sites looking at info and a few said –
    December 31,2016 (i am almost certain this is just a placeholder date)
    March 2017 (most likely not it because of what they are working on now)
    June 13 2017 (more likely to be the release date)
    August 2017 (this was not backed up by much info so most likely not true)
    December 31 2017 (sounds like another placeholder)
    As of now my main concern is how the sells for the switch will go. As i have said so many people are excited to buy the switch because of zelda botw and if it is not released with the switch (most likely wont happen) then the switch sells will not be as high as they probably could be. This probably is not whats going on but just think about this…. what if nintendo is purposely hiding zelda botw to surprise everyone. We could see it releasing with the switch if this is the case but we will just have to wait and see.
    This is just what I know and my opinion so please do not get upset if i get something wrong. I have been keeping an eye on the news and i know the second i find out when this will be released i will cry happy tears.

  11. So who wants to start a betting pool that Breath of the Wild will be Legend of Zelda’s Final Fantasy XV!? xD

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