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Nintendo Advertising Begins Appearing On The Amazon Kindle

The cheaper version of the Amazon Kindle Fire places advertisments on the device’s lock screen. Normally, the adverts are for Kindle apps or books available on Amazon. However, it looks like Nintendo maybe working with the online giant to spread the word about their consoles. One Reddit user has posted a screenshot of a Nintendo 3DS commercial that appeared on his tablet, showing off some of the system’s headline games.


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  1. “There’s no play like it” more like there’s no shitty catchphrase like it! I love nintendo but that whole catchphrase is just cringe worthy.

  2. to be honest we cannot bash Nintendo for doing some advertising. That was one of the main critic and one of the major factor about the down fall of the Wii U we all agreed on. For once I won’t complain Nintendo doing some ads (Well I do have a kindle… thanks for that!!! LOL)

  3. Wow, great news. I actually wanted to buy a Kindle Paperwhite but it seems the Nintendo Switch will have Kindle on it. Yeah :) But would I really take the Nintendo Switch outside in the Park or on to the Beach. Couldn’t come over it if it was stolen, but screw the Kindle Paperwhite if it was stolen.

    Furthermore would I even read books on the Nintendo Switch, if I could play games the whole time?

  4. I don’t like that they put Elsa instead of Link which is way better than all Disney characters and also, Elsa is not iconic in the videogames.

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