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Pokémon Sun And Moon Comes To Smash Bros In This Awesome Mod

Modders have really outdone themselves this time. Considering that Pokémon Sun and Moon haven’t been out for a fortnight yet, this hack is incredibly impressive. Replacing Rosalina and Luma, SunSpirit has brought Lillie and Cosmog into the game. The mod can be downloaded here, but you only have to look at the screenshots to see how incredible this skin is. Keep on modding!

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  1. Lillie would not approve, since she hates battling.

    Also, Rosalina herself is somewhat taller than the rest of the SSB females. Not to mention that Lillie is around 11. I just hpe they got the height right.

      1. I was only trying to be accurate. Nobody sucked the the out of anything. You still have your mod.

        I just don’t think Lillie should be taller than Peach, Zelda, or Lucina.

  2. This game is way better than X and Y, Now hurry up and give it a try to those who didnt buy. Trust Grunty she doesn’t lie. Now hurry up with my pie or this Witch will truly die.

  3. x and y i loved i wouldn’t say its better. unless you say the gen 3 remakes they are leagues better than the oras games.

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