Wal-Mart Has Been Putting Up The Super Mario Black & White New 3DS Handheld Consoles For Pre-Order

Those of you who have been wanting a New 3DS may have been spending the last day trying to obtain the Black and White Super Mario Edition New 3DS handhelds that Wal-Mart has begun putting up for pre-order. Unfortunately, this may have been easier said than done for you. The handhelds have been going in and out of stock frequently, and when they have been in-stock, it was not for very long. In fact, as of this article’s writing, the handhelds went out of stock once more within the past 30 minutes. It’s likely that they will be restocked again, so keep your eyes peeled. They are on sale for just $99.

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  1. Its sad that even Nintendo does not acknowledge that scalpers are using software to automatically purchase the 3DS as soon as they are available for preorder. It is literally impossible to purchase them from Walmarts site, the order ALWAYS gets cancelled no matter how fast you are at refreshing pages.

  2. This isn’t Walmart’s doing. They are being sold by third party sellers on Walmart’s website. I guess you should say third party scalpers.

  3. I had to stay up until 2am pst last night but I finally got one! Instocknow proved very helpful. Also, I had to make sure I was logged in and my Walmart account was up to date before I made it through the cycle.

  4. I was at my closest Wal-Mart on Black Friday & I didn’t see those 99 buck ones ANYWHERE!! I didn’t even see a price tag marker in any of those shelves! Once again, Nintendo sent out shitty stock. Go figure.

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