Zelda: Majora’s Mask Facing Upgrade Issues On Wii U Virtual Console

Wii U owners can normally receive a discount if they initially purchased a Virtual Console game on the Wii Shop Channel. However, the recent re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is currently not compatible with the discount offer due to some reported issues. Nintendo is investigating the problem and has notified users that it could take up to two weeks before the discounted price begins to appear.



        1. No, it’s 2. Majora’s Mask 3D came out February 14th, 2015.

          I know because my grandmother died a week later. Terrible way to remember the date, but that’s how I know without thinking.

  1. Well let’s see:

    I have the N64 version (others do too), I have access to it on the LOZ Collection disc on the Gamecube, they rereleased it on the Wii Shop Channel, and there’s the improved 3DS version. Do we really need this?

    Yet they haven’t rereleased Four Swords Anniversary (leaving us to either buy pre-downloaded version on a second 3DS/DSi, or buy four copies of the GBA game, four GBAs, and link cables).

      1. }{ That logic is extremely lacking in thought… You must consider, to send any sort of message to a company, it must have a larger impact on them than simply the loss of one sales figure… Discussions can lead to criticisms seen by the company, as well as the potential for others to see and understand your thoughts, possibly agreeing with you, and following suit… To simply say keep quiet because you don’t like something and I hold a differing opinion to yours is both foolish and hypocritical… Not to say you aren’t welcome to share your opinion… just be forewarned that many, such as myself, will not hesitate to point out the flaws in your thought, and others will not be nearly as kind as I am… Many of us want to see the industry change for it’s own benefit, and the criticism of the current industry is the only way to initiate that change… }{

      1. Umm they already did do that.
        It’s called Four Swords Anniversary Edition, and you can’t get it any more. I really want it…

      2. Four Swords Adventures was a joke to be honest. Every action that you make causes a horde of enemies to appear, It might sound fun on paper but it gets repetitive after a while.

  2. Discount? Not a free re-download?

    Nintendo, a universal account system better be planned for Switch. It’s really not cool to have to buy Link to the Past 4 times for 4 different Nintendo systems.

      1. How will getting a PS4 solve anything six-yr-boy? Maybe in a week when you can say you weren’t born Yesterday, you’ll understand.

        But yeah. I purchased MM 4x already, including the $60 price tag for the N64 version when it cam out.

        Nintendo has “Nintendo selects” for $20.
        They need “Nintendo Classics” for $10,
        And they need to just stop charging us over and over for the same damn game.

        I think Brisk was right, it’s their lack of a unified account system. They have the Nintendo ID tho, so there is no reason to charge the same Nintendo ID twice for the same game, certainly not 3 times.

      2. Quit being a corporate slave Nintendo, sheep. Nintendo needs a unified account system & fast! If Switch doesn’t have one, fuck Nintendo til the Switch gets an upgrade that DOES have it. I’ll just stick with my awesome PS4 til Ninty pulls that stick out of their greedy asses.

      1. I don’t, I’m just saying it’s not a thing that should be done.

        I think the only game I did that with was LIT on the WiiWare, but that was because I bought my own Wii and wasn’t using the family unit anymore.

    1. At this point, Nintendo is just being greedy & cheap with this bullshit. I’m serious about what I said months ago. If Switch doesn’t have a universal/unified account system with cross buy, cross save, & being able to make a copy of our save data to a cloud system, SD cards, or flash drives, I’m not buying a Switch. I’ll just get the games I skipped on Wii U and Breath of the Wild on there, beat those games, then sell all of it for money to put on PS4 games til Nintendo finally gets a fucking clue.

  3. I would’ve waited for the discount price, but that Majora’s Mask short released 5 days ago really had me itching to play the game. If Nintendo hired that guy as a marketing ploy, they sure did their jobs well. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

      1. He damn sure won’t be giving us free rupees or items, that’s for fucking sure! Tingle is the Tom Nook of Zelda! Not to mention he did try to steal the rupees & force gems right out from under you in Four Swords Adventures and sometimes he even fucking succeeded. I don’t have any issue with gay people but Tingle is one little fairy I can’t fucking stand! lol Yeah. I still have a grudge against him because of the bullshit I had to go through in the original Wind Waker. The world is in danger & this little bitch is making me pay to translate the maps to find the Triforce of Courage pieces!? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was working WITH Ganondorf to stall for time so Ganon could find Zelda! No. On second thought, I think he WAS stalling for time! Ganondorf is the greatest evil!? No, no. That would be Tingle actually! Greedy people are the worst!

    1. I’d buy a Tingle amiibo. Just so I can watch it burn as I toss it into a fucking raging fire! *evil glint in eyes*

    1. Verily. I liked MM3D, but the way they remade the boss battles was uncool, ESPECIALLY Twinmold- I legit cannot beat that thing in less than 12 in-game hours, and this is with the Reversed Song of Time in effect. It’s so broken.

        1. I mean like, I could enter the battle with 60 hours remaining and not kill him until less than 48 hours remain because how you have to hurt him doesn’t always work. He has this bullshit fireball attack that knocks you down and it comes from the exact angle you need to hit him at, and he doesn’t stick around long enough to take the hit, get up, and then strike back. It just comes down to luck, it seems.

            1. Oh no, he doesn’t do what I described in the original N64 game, this is in the 3DS remake. It’s much harder in the remake because…
              SPOLIER ALERT

              Link now cannot use his sword when he wears the Giant’s Mask- he now relies on brute strength.

              SPOILERS OVER

              If you thought Twinmold was tough on 64, he’s hell on 3DS.

      1. Yeah, it’s a shame. The 3D MM kicks ass, they shouldn’t have fucked around with the boss battles. They must be taking pointers from George Lucas.

        1. ||They should never have touched Odolwa, Goth was the same, Gyorg was better and Twinmold would have been great if the blue one did something…||

        2. Right!? I loved being able to just roll Goron Link into Goht’s crotch and grind away at his metal balls and kill him that way instead of having to knock him over, go back to human form, and shoot arrows into an eye that has no logical reason to be there.

          1. I personally liked the eye thing. It made them feel even more connected to Majora. As if Majora itself was watching you fight these things while also giving them power. I do agree they should have put the eye on Goht somewhere where Goron Link could easily hit it, though. As for Twinmold, I liked it as it made him a lot more challenging than his easier version on the original game which could easily be destroyed as Giant Link & swinging the sword around in less than 4 minutes. A boss fight shouldn’t be that quick! Especially one close to the end of the game. Especially when the final boss can be defeated in less time than that using the Fierce Deity Mask. @.@

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