Mysterious Female Character Shown In The Latest Trailer For Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

A brand-new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild debuted at The Game Awards 2016. In addition to showcasing some never-before-seen gameplay footage, the video gave a quick look at a mysterious female character who appears to be wearing clothes similar to Link’s outfit. Nintendo has yet to confirm who she is, but some fans are speculating that she is none other than Princess Zelda herself.


  1. It might be two different female characters unless she changed her clothes latter in the trailer

        1. Yeah I’ve seen that article. It’s just wishful thinking by some people. That claim was made by Hirofumi Matsuoka, one of the background designers for Metroid. In no way is it official. In fact Yoshio Sakamoto, the co-creator of the series later refuted the claim.

          1. They are just try-hards….
            Have you seen people who in freaking 2016 still insist that Sheik is male? It’s incredible if you think about it….

            1. Lol no I haven’t heard of that. Didn’t Shiek turn into Zelda right in front of Link in OoT? Do people think that Zelda is capable of changing her gender on a whim?

    1. We need to stop this gender madness. You’re either male or female, and don’t give me this bullshit about those being “sexes”… when have you ever heard the word gender or sex being used differently…

  2. (puts on flame suit) I’ll bring on the wrath for this comment but here goes… lol

    Rumor #2: I heard from multiple sources that you can choose between a male or female as your playable character in Zelda.
    9:53 AM – 8 Apr 2016
    -Emily Rogers

    1. Except half of the time Rogers get her rumors wrong.

      Not trying to doubt you on anything mate, but she did expect Soul Calibur V to be a launch title on the Wii U before it was revealed (when it didn’t happen).

  3. Ha, GameXplain deleted the video.

    I guess they realized that they’ve made a big mistake for jumping to conclusions. Female Link will NEVER happen in a million years.

    1. I’m having the same issue here. I want to watch it to see this new character but I don’t want any hype to build up in me til I know for certain when the game releases. If the damn trailer gave a release date of March 2017, I would have watched the whole thing after skipping to the end… D:

        1. I gave in, too, & watched the one with the “mysterious girl” on Facebook. Such a bad idea… I want it, I want it, I want it! Waaaaaaaaah! Anyway, that most definitely has to be Zelda! @.@

  4. well if people want a female link, can we also expect to have a male Zelda ? For me it’s like requesting Charlie Angels being all male cast or have the All the A-team being female or Laura Ingalls becoming Laurent Ingalls . Link female will have the same reception as Ghostbuster 3… Changing just for the sake of change is not good.

    Personally I think there are things which should not be change in Zelda like Link being a strong silence elfish male type character and Zelda being a princess. If people want a female link they should request Nintendo do make a spin off of Zelda. Where she (whatever her name) will be the twin sister of Link (who will be dead or torture in the dark world) and have to save Hyrule and her brother.

    That’s also remind me that Doctor WHO should also never ever be a female.

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