Here’s Even More Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Footage

Another batch of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild gameplay was shown at this year’s Game Awards. Unlike the trailer, a lot more was shown off, with Bill and Nate from Nintendo Treehouse playing the game. If you want to watch the footage for yourself, we’ve embedded the video for you down below.



    1. Yep, such a relief too! No reason to watch anymore BotW footage. Officially going into Zelda Black out mode in 3……… 2……….. 1…………..


    But, this footage shows that Nintendo’s improved the framerate in the Wii U version. HA! Eat it those who said it should be Nintendo Switch only! Nintendo’s working hard on it, they fixed the framerate from the E3 demo!

        1. I know, I apolagise if what I said was confusing, but they might not be able to release botw on wii u and botw on switch at the same time, than the “both at the same time” idea should be dropped. Yeah, I plan on getting the wii u and switch vers. of botw.

  2. The framerate was horrid on stream, it’s slightly better on this video. I hope switch version will have better performance.

    1. Slightly better? IT WAS TONS BETTER SINCE E3! But I wanna know what that outfit Link was wearing was, cause I’ll be searching for it once I buy my copy for Wii U!

  3. Everything about this was awesome. Seeing that enemy do loads of damage gets me excited for a challenge. And I love how the game isn’t hand-holding. There were still some framerate problems, but since it’s the WiiU version I guess that’s to be expected. Can’t wait to get this on Switch.

  4. There’s a lot of diferent areas to see. The pieces of hearts are going to be a second quest in this game. Looking forward to this game.

  5. No. Must not watch video! Must not build up any more hype when I don’t even know when the game is releasing!

    1. I didnt watch this video, although I did watch the new trailer. That last trailer will be the LAST video I watch about BotW until it releases. Ive seen enough, anymore will serve no purpose and just spoil the game. I’m honestly diappointed in myself for watching the trailer. Nintendo has been notorisously bad about spoiling their games recently and that trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down with BotW.

      So yeah, I have cut myself from BotW videos! I wont even be watching the old ones anymore. I want to go into this game as fresh as possible.

    1. This footage was captured in the Wii u which
      clearly want built for open world games seen with xenoblade chronicles x and now breath of the wild it will likely perform much more stable on the switch

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