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The Game Awards: Pokemon GO Won Best Mobile/Handheld Game, Family Game Categories

The Game Awards has only just begun, and Nintendo has already won some awards. It was announced at the awards that Pokemon GO has won the awards for Best Mobile or Handheld Game. It also won the award for Best Family Game. Niantic was there to accept the awards and said that more content is on the way to the game.

Source: The Game Awards


  1. Sad. Handheld games don’t stand a chance in hell as long as they are bundled up with mobile games.

    1. More like Capcom would have won with Monster Hunter Generations if it could have beaten the others.

  2. No surprise. Mobile games are “the thing” and Monster Hunter (as well as unfortunately Fire Emblem) are far from mainstream compared to Pokemon.

    If only Niantic knew what they were doing since Day 1.

    1. Don’t let the Pokemon GO fans hear you. They’ll defend Niantic to the death if they must. lol

  3. Pokemon Go is NOT better than Pokemon S/M, FE Fates, or any number of others that should have been included or won, like Trails of Cold Steel 2. What utter nonense

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