NES Classic Edition Will Soon Be Available At “All Best Buy Stores”

Best Buy has sent a rather ambiguous email to let customers know that the NES Classic Edition will soon be restocked. The popular console will be available at “all Best Buy stores” either tomorrow, December 8, or on December 20 – according to the email, which unintentionally makes mention of both possibilities. Amazon is another retailer that recently hinted at restocking the NES Classic.


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  2. Oh the folly of man.

    1) Buy third party USB NES controller from Amazon.
    2) Download NES emulator of choice onto PC.
    3) Turn on scanlines and bilinear filtering for that retro feel.
    4) Accept that your childhood can never be relived.
    5) Play and enjoy.

  3. Or, Noath, you could dish out 60$ cheap bucks and have the option to carry the best NES games around in a mini system and save points and have fun at friend’s houses and pack up in seconds once finished. 60 cheap dollars. Is that too much for your poor ass? Your childhood can be relived daily if you’re not a stuck up little wimp like you are

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