Amazon Has “Exciting Announcements” To Make Regarding The NES Classic Edition

Amazon is teasing that it has something to share related to the NES Classic Edition in the coming week. The company’s video game sector has a “couple exciting announcements” to make regarding the popular console. What those announcements are remains to be seen, but you can expect to hear more info about them soon. With the rampant sellouts of the NES Classic across the country, Amazon may be prepping some sort of restock.

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  1. U need to have it really close to you so you can hit the reset button. This is the reason for the extremely short cable, because reset=home, which is the only way to create restore points. Imagine having to get up each time to walk over to the console near a TV to press a button…so yeah, theres your answer. Buy a 25ft HDMI for cheap from Amazon and plug console in to your phone charger (micro USB).

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