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Eurogamer: GameCube Virtual Console Could Be On Nintendo Switch

Reliable journalist Tom Phillips has heard from his sources that the Nintendo Switch will have GameCube titles on the Virtual Console. Emily Rogers has also reported something similar and says that Nintendo is listening to fans requests about Virtual Console and emulation.

42 thoughts on “Eurogamer: GameCube Virtual Console Could Be On Nintendo Switch”

    1. Now if they’ll only listen to the Paper Mario fans… When they see how many more people re-purchase Thousand-Year Door on Switch’s Virtual Console, in comparison to how many people bought Color Splash on Wii U, maybe we’ll finally get that TTYD sequel everyone’s been so desperately craving for the last 12 years.

  1. Does this mean that the Switch has analog-enabled shoulder buttons? I always assumed that was the reason we never GameCube VC on the Wii or Wii U; if you can’t control Luigi’s Poltergust or Mario’s FLUDD, that’s half the reason for GCVC gone right there!

      1. Says the puppetmaster, a person whose entire job is to stick their hand up someone elses ass. Why dont you do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. Faggot is a hate word, and you’re a hateful person who has no business on a Nintendo fan site. GTFO of here.

    1. Don’t hold your breath for Rogue Leader. Hell! We have N64 VC but the first Rogue Squadron that was on N64 is nowhere to be seen.

  2. What do we think? N64 games are $10 and Wii games are $20. So $15 for GameCube games? Maybe closer to $20 because Wii games are so similar to GameCube games?

  3. Remember they say that you can use other joysticks on the Nintendo switch, maybe there will be some with analogue shoulder buttons.

      1. its the only game i really care about. melee i might buy just because I play a lot of smash 4 so if comes out before smash 4 on the switch that will hold me over

  4. If this is true it would actually mean that the Switch is likely quite a lot more powerful than the Wii U.

    Why? Perfectly emulating from an different architecture requires an great amount of additional power in comparison to the original hardware. This is also the reason, why the normal 3DS can not even run emulated SNES games perfectly (Yes, this is most likely no nintendo bs. Perfect emulation is no joke!)
    The Wii U does have additional hardware to be backwards compatible even though it is not a completely different architecture.

  5. Somebody by my collection and you literally have every game you want for the GameCube…. component cables and allūüėČ

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