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Video: Here Is Footage Of The Nintendo Segment Seen On The Tonight Show

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Super Mario Run and The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild were shown off on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently. The latter was shown off on the Nintendo Switch, which was seen on TV for the first time. The entire 10-minute segment was uploaded to YouTube, which we’ve included below.


32 thoughts on “Video: Here Is Footage Of The Nintendo Segment Seen On The Tonight Show”

  1. Jimmy knew about the rumors and he asked about the extra performance in the doc T.T Reggie avoided that question completely

    1. I just finished it and I may have heard him wrong, but I seem to recall him clearly stating that it was all in the tablet.

  2. Jimmy Fallon being legitimately excited is pretty fun to see. Other hosts could feign it but you can tell he really is a geek and is a huge nintendo fan.

  3. Wow I didn’t know he was such a fan. I thought maybe it was just a publicity thing to get the name out there but he actually looks like he was freaking out from how excited he was ,he turned into a little kid at that moment completely forgot about the crowd lmao

  4. I was rather apprehensive about the Switch being able to run so well in a little tablet, but now after seeing that the frames don’t drop like they do on the Wii, I’m about to rob a Nintendo warehouse

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