Video: A Live-Action Trailer For Super Mario Run Was Released

Super Mario Run releases next week, and Nintendo is bringing out the big guns to promote the game. Not only did the game show up on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, but a new live-action trailer was uploaded to Nintendo’s mobile-dedicated YouTube channel. We’ve included video of the trailer down below.



  1. I feel like people doing the same thing all over the world and having it all converge on Times Square is going to be a common theme for just about every Nintendo mobile game trailer from here on out.

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  2. Nintendo’s ads recently seem to start out really good and then go too over the top by the end. They did the same thing with the Switch reveal. The overall trailer is still good, but it can be improved.


  3. Solid new direction for their ad team. I’ll agree they overshoot the mark on both trailers, though. The commercials are quite understated and trendy at the beginning, and build up solidly for most of the trailer… then blow their cool factor at the end. At lease they’re going for it now, and not just doing Saturday morning cartoon commercials.

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