Super Mario Run Revenue Projected At Over $70M In First Month

Super Mario Run is bound to be a massive success when it launches on Apple’s iOS platform on December 15th. The game is initially free to start but gamers need to spend $9.99 to unlock the full game. Data firm Sensor Tower is projecting that the runner will net Nintendo $71 million in gross revenue for its first month on the App Store. This would put Super Mario Run¬†among the top three all-time performers in mobile gaming which is nothing to be sniffed at. You can read the full in-depth speculative report, right here.



  1. Want to buy because am raging Nintendo fanboi and got to have doze Marioz. Don’t want to buy cuz am raging Nintendo fanboi and don’t want to encourage move to shallow mobile games. Will buy and just hate myself a little more for haz no morals.

      1. Mobile is the best way to introduce people to switch. Need more coins? “Watch this awesome advertisement of the better Mario Platformer game on Switch that cant be played on mobile”

  2. I’ll get it when it’s available on Android. Love Nintendo too much not to support them in a huge new market.

    I hope it does well enough to boost Nintendo’s profits and brand awareness, but not so well that they contemplate going mobile only.

  3. A little lame that Nintendo is releasing an endless runner. I mean, the Appstore is littered with them, and the only reason this will sell so well is because people recognize Mario. I expect more innovation from Nintendo.

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