Amazon: Zelda Breath Of The Wild Wii U Version Pre-order Now Discounted

Amazon has decided to discount the Wii U version of the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The US side of the company has reduced the price of the game by fifteen percent, which is extremely generous. If you’re a Prime member then you can get twenty percent discount pre-ordering the game. You can order the adventure here.


    1. They have to put a date until Nintendo gives an official release date, that doesn’t mean it’s delayed.

    2. Yeah, what they said. I was surprised at first too, then I saw people mentioning how it was just a placeholder for it’s real date, so now, whenever I see December 31st of whatever year a game I want comes, it’ll just be a placeholder date till it’s real one is out.

  1. Still shows March 31 2017 on Amazon. I wonder if that’s true? Well, for $48, I’m pre-ordering!

  2. Your math and explanation are off. I was expecting 15% off and then another 20%.

    It’s 20% off with Prime. That’s it.

    Nothing to see here because Amazon has regularly done this with preorders to compete with Best Buy Gamers Unlocked.

      1. slightly inferior, the only difference is the frames which is infinitesimal. it is the only thing i can think of as of now so don’t quote me on that as i may be wrong.

        1. Resolution as well, gonna be 1080p whe played on the TV. And you can play it on the go, which is a huge bonus. Also don’t discount good frame rate. A bad frame rate can be really frustrating and even get in the way of gameplay. From what I’ve seen it will only have minor effects on BotW but its still nice to have a smooth frame rate. I think the Wii U version will be perfectly fine, but the Switch version will definitely be way better. I didn’t wait 6 years for the inferior version of a game, personally.

          1. Hmm, 6 years? The game was first spoken of in 2013 (just by saying that there is a new TLoZ in development, without any concept of footage being shown), and officially revealed for the very first time in 2014, I believe.
            Even if you mean you’ve been waiting since the release day of the last main TLoZ game on home consoles, it still hasn’t been 6 years.

            On another note, there’s many people, myself included, who don’t see portability as a bonus point for a game like Zelda. I would never play a game in which the story, dialog and even small details are so important as they are in Zelda games on the go, where I can’t put all of my focus into the game, but instead have to be constantly wary of my surroundings. I haven’t played any of the DS Zelda games, and the GB/GBA ones I’ve always played at home. Better framerates and resolution definitely are nice, but not worth hundreds of bucks to me for just one single game I can just get for a fraction of that price on a console I already own, so it’s gonna be the WiiU version for me as well. But that’s just me, each to their own, of course; I’m definitely aware of the fact that there are people who think and feel differently about it, which I can respect. :)

            1. Yeah, i meant by the time it comes out it will have been 5.5-6 years since SS and i always look forward to the next one as soon as one releases. Yeah that totally makes sense that some people wouldn’t want to pay that, i get it. Its just for me Zelda is my absolute FAVORITE franchise, and this looks to be its best game, so I’m gonna pay more to get the better version. Plus i was already gonna get the Switch day one, so might as well. But if you want to stick with the Wii U version that is totally fine. I’m sure the Wii U version will be totally playable, and amazing. I just want the better version personally.

        2. Yea, as of right now thats the only difference. But my money is on there will be other major differences. For one, the lack of portability on the Wii U version. Other issues will come out of the woodwork when the game is closer to launch. Im going to buy both versions of the game just because, but there is no doubt in my mind which version I will play.

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