Reports of More Johto Region Pokémon Hatching In Pokémon GO Have Surfaced

We reported earlier today about Niantic’s update, informing that new Pokémon will start to appear in Pokémon GO from the Johto region, including Togepi and Pichu.

There have now been further reports of generation 2 Pokémon appearing in the game, with Igglybuff and Cleffa also being found after hatching from 2km eggs. Here are the images from the users who found them:



Let us know if you find any more!

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        1. The second generation of Pokemon released, outside of Japan, in 2000, and featured 100 new Pokemon. The games took place in the region directly west of Kanto called Johto. Cleffa and Igglybuff, shown above, are the pre-evolutions of Clefairy and Jigglypuff, respectively. Pichu is obviously Pikachu’s pre-evolution, to follow the trend. Togepi is the only outlier, which evolves into Togetic, and eventually, after the fourth generation released, outside of Japan, in 2007, Togekiss.

          1. Pokemon Gold and Silver are often referred to as generation 1.5, as they fixed the numerous bugs and glitches of Pokemon Red and Blue, incorporated many mechanics they’d cut from Red and Blue, and brought back many delayed Pokemon. The biggest feature of the games was the incorporation of the Steel- and Dark-types which were cut from Red and Blue.

              1. It’s mainly used in the community of genwunners that also accept gen II. It’s their way of dealing with the fact that they’re not really genwunners, even though they like to think they are.

  1. It’s a shame that I don’t get any good Pokemon except weedle, rats and pigeons in my area.
    Groeslon Caernarfon North Wales

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