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Former PlayStation 4 Exclusive Rime Rated For Nintendo Switch In Brazil

Rime, the stunning looking puzzle adventure title that was previously a PlayStation 4 exclusive, could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game was recently rated for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch in Brazil. No doubt Rime would make a great inclusion to the Nintendo Switch catalogue. More details are apparently due out in early 2017. You can watch a trailer for the beautiful title, right here.

Thanks to Supamario for the tip!



    1. No but it’s a great start for the Switch. Microsoft on the other hand could be in big trouble if the Switch gets a lot of 3rd party support since their exclusives are going to the PC

    2. Not at all, RIME has had a very tragic tail, full of lies an deception. Its actually not a exclusive because Sony decided to let it go, not the other way around.

      This goes for everyone, just dont get your hopes up with this game.

        1. A lot probably wont, but someone will eventually see the trailer and not know its history. Its a gorgeous game and the whole idea is pretty awesome. But yeah, thats all it seems to be, an idea.

  1. Wait… Brazil rating games?!
    I mean, I know we do have our rating organs here, but they’re so slow and inefficient that they end up rating games way after their release dates around the world. Now you’re telling me they rated a game prior to its launch?! AND FOR THE SWITCH?! WTH?!

    1. The game publisher is much more responsible for the rating process than the rating organ is.The brazilian media rating organ (Departamento de Justiça, Classificação, Títulos e Classificação) takes up to 20 days to rate content, requiring proper documentation and fulfillment of necessary forms – similar to the american ESRB, but the major differences between these organs is that the brazilian one is free, ESRB charges fees depending on the content they have to analyze. An official rating is mandatory for the release in both countries, so, again when a game will get its rating that is up to publishers.

  2. I’m still waiting for a game that’s neither an indie game nor a remaster or a last-gen port for the Switch to be shown. So far none of the known games tell anything about what’s really possible on that system. Although I gotta say, If they pull off Skyrim Remastered, Rime, Yooka Laylee and Zelda BotW, it’s a nice start in any case. Still very curious about how it delivers when really pushed.

  3. ^@validvalid Sonic 2017 is probably the only “modern” project that is being released on every platform. Take it how you chose. Also, I wouldn’t be suprised if Call of Duty 2017 didn’t skip the Switch because they usually release on Nintendo home consoles.

  4. I remember being really excited about this game, back when they first showed it before the PS4 was even out I think, haha. But because it’s been in development hell for kind of a long time, without any news or updates to keep people interested, I sadly forgot to even care about it anymore. Maybe it will still turn out to be decent, we’ll see. At least more people will be able to play it now, seeing how exclusivity was dropped.

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