Miyamoto: I’ve Always Called My Games Products Rather Than Works of Art

Whether video games are perceived as works of art, or as a product, will vary depending on who you ask, however it seems Miyamoto sees his work as the latter. In a recent interview with Glixel, when talking about creating games, Miyamoto explained that he has always called his games products, and he sees himself as creating products for people to enjoy.

“I’m a designer. I don’t think of myself as creating works, I really think of myself as creating products for people to enjoy,” he said. “That’s why I’ve always called my games products rather than works of art.”

During the interview, Miyamoto was asked if he still works in an “anolog way” and was also asked if he still prefers to draw things by hand before doing work on a computer. “It’s less drawing pictures of what I think the game will be, and more a lot of graphs and flowcharts. Because I’m designing the structure of play, it’s really more of a drafting process where I’m crafting the flow of things and how it’ll work in the game,” he responded, “that’s what I always put on paper first. Even with the carpentry it’s all about drafting first. You need to make sure you have all the measurements, and then in your head you have to understand how you’re going to fit all the pieces together.”

I’m sure that fans would agree that Miyamoto’s work would quite rightly be seen as an art form, even if he sees it differently.

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  1. As a Video Game enthusiast, and Art Lover. Video Games are indeed an incredible Art Form. Not only can you watch/observe, you also get to interact, and develop a personal connection within a game. Cutscenes, Imagery, Style, Storytelling, Level Design, these are all simple to do but hard to master. Something which Miyamoto and several other key video game artists can do.

    1. I think you miss the point. Perhaps as an “art lover” you fail to understand what defines a “work of art” or an “art form”.

  2. With a select few of his recent works, yes, he has tried to get people to enjoy his products. Other than a few Star Fox and NSMB mishaps I’d say that he has yet to go drastically wrong.

    1. I’m sure you agree because you yourself have spent months upon years working on a project; and are so familiar with all the workings that whatever magic it might have held for you in it’s idea stages, have long since been lost.

  3. This explains Mario a lot and light pretty much non existent story it’s simply challenging g players to complete the levels. That said I can’t wait for the next 3d Mario, I can’t go back to being at the mercy of a timer. I wanna explore and find all the secrets

  4. Nintendo games are for profit confirmed!

    You’re not getting anymore of my money for your “products”, until you put an artist’s effort into them again.

    Why did Nintendo and SEGA fuck up this badly since 2012?

      1. At least Sonic and SEGA haven’t screwed with Nintendo the way Ubisoft and EA have by abandoning them when the going got tough, or with inferior ports of games (the only fault SEGA has is screwing up Sonic on their own)- he gets a pass.

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