Rumor: A Miitomo Datamine May Have Uncovered Fire Emblem Mobile & Zelda Images

Miitomo‘s recent update has been datamined, and the results were interesting. User Ehm2k is behind the datamining, and Ehm2k released some images discovered in the game files that indicate a presence of Fire Emblem Mobile and even Zelda. Fire Emblem Mobile isn’t supposed to be released until next year, but it looks like Nintendo is already preparing for it. Obviously Nintendo didn’t announce this, and nothing’s certain at the moment, so it should be considered a rumor for now. We’ve included a gallery of all the images below, so feel free to check it out.

Source 1 / Source 2

Thanks, Kris “the mexican” ford


  1. Neat! But I feel like Nintendo’s gonna ruin the Zelda and Fire Emblem games by making them online-only. Just like they did with Mario and Miitomo.

    Seriously, Miitomo sucks up phone data too fast.

  2. Couldn’t these just be for in-app decorations? I’ve not used Miitomo in a long time (and I likely won’t ever again unless by some miracle they put some good rewards up on My Nintendo) … but I’m pretty sure you can put posters up now. It’s probably a decoration rather than a leaked screens from unreleased apps/’games’

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