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Nintendo America Wishes Everyone Happy Christmas And New Year With Zelda Footage

Nintendo of America has updated its swanky Christmas website with a lovely message to its millions of fans and has also provided us with some new footage from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The footage shows Link stylishly sliding his way down a mountain snowboarding courtesy of his shield and it looks great. Be sure to check out Nintendo’s Christmas website here.



  1. Christmas? All I see is the generic “Happy Holidays”–for a second there, I was actually hopeful (and surprised!) Nintendo had used the ‘C’ word, sigh.

          1. and sell to a global mostly white christian background maket

            western europe and usa and canada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the video message was in english was it not

            1. Ok Bowler you need to stop. I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or if you’re serious, but either way you’re offending everyone you could possibly offend right now.

            2. ||The same humans that break every single law of their religions, so it doesn’t matter in the end because Nintendo is above such primitive cults…||

              1. “Every single law” is a gross overstatement. Humans aren’t perfect Quadraxis. They make mistakes. You can’t expect them to do everything right 100% of the time.

                  1. Perhaps we’re talking about two different kinds of people then. There are those who claim to practice a particular religion, but then conciously act in a manner completely opposite to said religion without any remorse. I know plenty of people like that. I’m referring to the ones who actually do practice their religion; but, because they’re human and are prone to poor judgement, they sometimes act in a manner opposite to their religion.

                    1. ||Even those that devout themselves belong in the same category generally speaking because they do not base their reality on their own terms…||

                      ||Then there are different types of hypocritical levels for each group but that goes towards non religious humans as well since it’s typical primitive nature…||

                      ||Of course there are a few exceptions amongts your species…||

                    2. “||Even those that devout themselves belong in the same category generally speaking because they do not base their reality on their own terms…||”

                      I’m not sure what you mean by this. I would say that they do set their own terms. It’s not like they’re forced into accepting terms. Each religion has a different view of the world and they each present their view. When a person decides to start practicing a particular religion it’s because their view of the world lines up with that religion’s view of the world. If they don’t agree with it, they can find a different religion or none at all. They’re allowed to change their views at any time. I think it’s ok for someone to look at a religion and listen to its point of view and say “Yeah that makes sense to me.” or “No. That doesn’t make any sense.”

                      “||Then there are different types of hypocritical levels for each group but that goes towards non religious humans as well since it’s typical primitive nature…||”

                      In the first case, yes. It’s hypocritical because the person does something completely opposite of what they preach and do not recognize that they are at fault; like they are somehow above the law that they preach.
                      In the case of a person who truly believes in the religion they practice and does something that goes against it, I suppose there is a brief level of hypocrisy. I wouldn’t call them hypocritical though because in that case, the person is able to recognize that they did something wrong and can remorse and repent for the wrongdoing.

        1. 1. Christmas has nothing to do with race
          2. 30% of Americans aren’t christian
          3. Christmas traditions were based around pagan holidays because early Christians were interested in pagan customs and respected their culture. Christmas isn’t just about Jesus but celebrating other cultures.
          4. If you rely on your heritage to define you and not your own independent choices then you’re a dead person’s puppet.

          1. Number 3 isn’t entirely correct. The traditions you mention (Christmas trees, caroling, Holly, etc.) weren’t incorporated by christians who were interested in other cultures. They were carried over by pagans who converted to Christianity. These traditions didn’t interfere with the true celebration of Christmas and some of them were incorporated quite well so no issue was raised over them. The sole purpose of Christmas has always been to celebrate the birth of Christ. The secular traditions associated with it are completely superfluous.


      nintendo dont make me hate you britx trump WHITE MALE POWER and ahappy christmas happy holidays is for faggurts

  2. Nintendo, suck my nuts.

    No seriously, I am not having a happy Christmas this year.

    -I’m still recovering from all your bullshit in 2015.
    -I made the mistake of watching F is For Family
    -There was no E3 Digital Event.
    -Nintendo proved how little they care about their fans by going after AM2R and Pokemon Uranium
    -People on this site, YouTube, Reddit, and everywhere else on the internet proceed to be cynical assholes who mock people for being miserable.
    -Sonic Mania was not announced for the Wii U, 3DS, or Switch (NX).
    -My best friend who I haven’t seen in years is no longer the same person I once knew.
    -Ash lost the Kalos League (to M-Charizard-X McOverrated), got rid of Greninja, and is now a poorly school boy whose tone is a lovesong to Yo-Kai Watch. The face says it all:
    -Donald Trump became president of the United States, and will proceed to ruin America, and cost people their homes.
    -Stress at home, before I can even move out, in a post-W. Bush economy.
    -The many flaws in Pokemon Sun & Moon, such as less than 100 new Pokemon and no Hall of Fame.
    -Yooka-Laylee was cancelled on the Wii U and moved to the Switch, which will be released god knows when.
    -And after enough frustration at my job, I lost my cool, and I can’t show my face there anymore, which means I can’t afford the Switch.

    Whether any of this is Nintendo’s fault or not, these are the reasons why I’m bitter this holiday season, and there’s nothing Nintendo can say to rectify any of that. And if anyone here tears into me for what they deem as petty, or compare me to a meme, they can go to hell, because I don’t care anymore.

    So fuck off.

    1. ||All your pointless points are irrelevant by default Xbot…||

      ||We don’t care about your worthless emotional state or primitive struggles…||

    2. Trump has already saved more jobs from outsourcing than Obama ever did and he isn’t even president yet, but keep parroting the stupid shit you hear in CNN.

      1. It’s not entirely on Obama, though. The president can only do so much without the support of Congress. If they had been more supportive, maybe, just maybe, Obama could have done better. If Trump was becoming POTUS with a majority Democrat Congress, I guarantee he’d get nothing accomplished in the next 4 years if they fought him on everything he tried to do. Anyone putting all of the blame squarely on Obama clearly doesn’t know how our government actually works. In which case, the only one’s ignorant are those saying it’s all Obama’s fault.

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