Nintendo Is Going To Be Sharing New Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Screenshots Until The Game Launches, First Screenshot Shared

Excited about Zelda: Breath Of The Wild? Well, your hype will get a daily treatment, courtesy of Nintendo. Nintendo will be sharing new screenshots of the game up until it launches, and the first image was posted on the official Zelda Facebook. We’ve included it below.



    1. it could be weekly. This is not directed at you but everyone in general. It not smart to release both heavy hitters like zelda and mario at the same time because then there will be a drought of games. Everyone seems to want all the best games right away and then I know there would be complaints about why there aren’t more big games later on. Sorry just needed to rant a little.
      I think that mario and a couple other games will get consoles sold and intrest to rise because remember rummors are that there are only shipping about 2 million consoles. Then went they bring in the next shippment in the summer more people that are now interested by probably shortages will also buy along with the ones that already bought.
      I think zelda summer release is very smart move

      1. on switch maybe! but i think they should release asap for all the loyal fans that have bought a wii u. i do see you point but nintendo will get a lot more 3rd party support if the switch sells well on release! which will help bridge the so called dry spot of games you predict! the more marios zelda splattons mk ssb pikmins (qaulity nintendo games) more sold! more support! less waiting. if they make more money they can invest more money! if they release a shit half finished game i agree in whole! but they wont! for them to hold back a finnished game they have invested millions in just to spread them out is utterly retarded as they will want to recoup money on it asap. people can buy it in 6 months later if they want! most people buy one game they really want for a new console no can afford 10 games a week but to have a choice from 10 is better than 2. also if they are satisfied with the game! they should! and will!release it! they wont release in march because the game is not good enough no other reason!

  1. From the looks of both this screen shot, as well as the “life in the ruins” picture; there may be seasons!

  2. Ssf1991 You should start condensing your article titles a little bit. I’m using mobile and the past 3 articles you made have all had their titles cut short.

  3. Yay because this move in no way spoiled most of the roster for Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U/3DS and Hyrule Warriors with it’s weekly trailers! /s

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