Wario’s Mario Kart 64 & Mario Party 1/2 Japanese Voice Actor Says That Wario Was Originally Intended To Speak German

Years ago, Nintendo released Mario Kart 64 and Mario Party 1/2. There, Wario is a playable character. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by a German man named Thomas Spindler. At one point, he voices a line for Wario in German. Well, Spindler left a comment in that YouTube video where he revealed more about Nintendo’s direction with Wario. He said that “This is 100% correct. Wario speaks German: he says (or rather, *I* say) ‘So ein Mist!’ The recording was done in a studio of the former Nintendo head office in Kyoto (not the new Nintendo premises in Kamitobaguchi), under the direction of Mr. Takashi Tezuka. Back then, I worked on the script for another Nintendo project with my French friend and colleague Julien Bardakoff (who voiced Toad/Kinopio). My company T.S. Word Co.Ltd. also translated and edited the German script for Star Fox which can be verified in the credits of Star Fox 64. The concept behind Wario was that of a German character and those responsible for the voice-overs at Nintendo back then intended him to speak German. I hope that this resolves the issue once and for all”.


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  1. Hmm… very interesting…
    Speaking of Wario in Mario kart 65… i liked his voice more in there than in previous Mario Parties and all where he’s been lately… that was the main reason to use him in MK64… I think he sounda the same in Wario World.
    I remember his laugh when he hit someone, or his Ay ay aaaay aaaaaah!!! It always made me laugh… also Toad with his voice in MK64….
    Nowadays, Toad’s voice is very annoing… (for me though).

  2. I can’t be the only one who read this as Mario Party ‘Half’ and preceded to think that Nintendo had announced a new one lol.

    Then again, Nintendo has named it’s games sillier things before… but at least not Squeenix levels of silliness!

  3. I remember when I was a kid I would always ask my friends, cousins and even my mom (and whoever else would play Mario Party with me) what they thought Wario was saying there! Everyone said “D’oh I missed!” But I was never satisfied with that answer lol.

    Now, years later, I must track all of them down, interrupt their busy adult lives and show them this. 😈

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