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The Nintendo Switch & NES Classic Were Googled More Than The PlayStation VR, PS4 Pro Or Xbox One In 2016

Google has released info on what the most Googled video game consoles in 2016 were. The Nintendo Switch came in at #1 and the NES Classic Edition came in at #2. For many Nintendo fans, it was a long year, one dominated by NX rumors and speculation. The Switch got its name only two months ago. The NES Classic Edition, meanwhile, was announced this summer. Both consoles generated more excitement than the PlayStation 4 Pro, Playstation VR or Xbox One S. As for the top 10 most Googled consumer-electronics tech products, that was also shared. Nintendo did well there too. The full list is down below, so feel free to check it out.

  1. iPhone SE
  2. iOS 10
  3. Google Pixel
  4. iPhone 7 Plus
  5. Nintendo Switch
  6. iPhone 7
  7. NES Classic Edition
  8. Galaxy S7
  9. Playstation VR
  10. PS4 Pro


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52 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch & NES Classic Were Googled More Than The PlayStation VR, PS4 Pro Or Xbox One In 2016”

      1. Don’t forget, the Switch can’t be popular because its not a 9TFLOP 4k gaming console. I mean I can’t even watch 4k Blueray with it, it must suck as a gaming console. 😑

      2. Who can even say that? The Switch isn’t even out and there’s a ton of hype around it. I’ve never heard anyone say no one likes the Switch though. Haven’t even seen trolls try yet. lol

  1. This is no surprise. Say what you want about Nintendo, but the Switch is far more unique than any console that Sony or Microsoft could possibly make at this point.

    1. We barely know anything about it and it’s doing the same thing that has been experimented with in the past. So it being unique is kinda a stretch. It might be one of a kind but the concept is not unique at all.

      That said, Nintendo has loyal fans and the most recognizable name and IP’s out of any game company in the world so it’s not surprising that it was searched more.

        1. The concept isn’t unique. Both PlayStation and Nintendo have experimented with home console games on the go in the past. Games that you can play both on your TV and on the go.

          It is one of a kind though as I said because there is no console that was made from the start with that in mind and that it supposedly functions the way it’s supposed to. It’s a two in 1 instead of 1 machine trying to do two jobs with the help of another like has been done in the past.

          That’s basically what I meant.

  2. Very impressive. The young team that took the lead on the Switch is exactly what Nintendo needed. New blood. Looking forward to knowing all about it next month and then seeing how it sells in March.

    1. Hopefully the Jan. 12th presentation is everything we need it to be and more. It’s time for Nintendo to rebound and blast off in the home console arena again.

    1. But PS4 Pro and PS VR were announced a few months ago, even before the Switch was officially announced, so the comparisson is not directly with an “older console” really.

      1. The Switch is a brand new console unlike the PS4. Which I’m sure everyone already knows by now. Hence why they’re not searching it up as much. It isn’t that surprising.

  3. I’m pleasantly surprised it even topped Playstation VR with how much VR is being discussed nowadays. This makes me extremely optimistic about the Switch’s performance.

        1. That is hardly the worst. Have you used the N64 controller? Pile of shit? So was the Nintendo 64 controller, Gamecube controller, Wii and Wii U controllers, but I still played the games. Lol. If it is that much of an issue for you, save for the pro controller, or like you said, don’t buy the console.

                1. The PS4 controller sucks in my opinion too, but it’s a step up over previous Playstation controllers. Lol. Then again, I have hardly used it since I don’t own a PS4, so I’m probably not the most qualified to speak on its behalf. Haha

    1. But the joycons come with the system, That’s how you play it on the go. Why would they make a version without them? It wouldn’t make any sense, barely anyone would buy it. They can’t cater to every single niche, that wouldn’t make sense. Even if they did it wouldn’t really be any cheaper than if they included them, maybe 10-20$. Why not just use that as a controller for multiplayer, and buy yourself a pro controller? Its not really costing you anything.

        1. Well then you are in the minority and you need to recognize that. Having an optional controller come with a console really shouldn’t turn you off. You can just buy the controller you want and use the other one for multiplayer, or just sell it. Its much better than Xbox or Playstation where there are no options, and you’re screwed if you don’t like their controller. This is the way it is, and has been, since game consoles started, i really don’t know why you’re surprised.

          1. This isn’t an option though. You’re forced to buy the joy con controller and then buy the pro controller if you want it. Stop calling things options only when it suits yourselves. If nintendo were offering a bundle with just the console and pro controller you would praise nintendo for giving people “options”. I’m so over people defending bs from corporations. The difference with thise other companies you mentioned is they never change their controller so you can make your decision quite easily.

            1. Dude I’m not praising Nintendo either way for this, because there’s nothing to praise or be mad about. This is literally the way all consoles have been since the NES. You buy a console and it comes with the standard controller, you want a different one than you buy it seperately, simple as that. You’re not paying anymore to get the console with the controller than without it since the controller is a part of the system. Why would they sell you half of a controller? It makes no sense! Now maybe if this was a pure home console and the controllers weren’t a part of the console, then you could release a bundle with a different controller. But Nintendo’s not gonna sell a bundle with only half of one controller, and then another one, that would be stupid. You seriously wouldn’t be saving hardly any money at all, and Nintendo would have to make a special bundle that (lets be honest here) would sell way worse than the main one because it wouldn’t be barely any cheaper and would come with half a freaking controller! The price difference would be about 10-20$. Why not just be happy about getting another controller for cheap, and use it for multiplayer? Or just freaking sell it online and get your money back. Totally a non issue, and an industry standard. Nothing to complain about.

                1. What I’m telling you is that the main part of the switch, the part with all the hardware, uses the joycons as its main form of controls. That is why I’m saying without them they are selling you half a controller. Dude if you’re not getting it now then likely you won’t get it at all. You can keep going around complaining about stupid details and expecting companies to change to your every whim. Or, you can accept that this is the smartest move and its the way everyone has been doing it forever and it works, and just be happy. Batman out.

            2. What exactly is it that you don’t seem to be understanding? The Joy-Cons are literally pieces of the controller. I’m saying that you don’t have to use them by themselves (like Wii Remotes) and you can keep them on and play like a standard controller. But you don’t… want that? What are you even asking for then? This console gives you more freedom to choose than either the Wii or Wii U. Cause the Wii Remote and Gamepad were required for the systems. But that’s not the case here. Even the Switch’s MAIN SELLING POINT, (taking it anywhere) isn’t required to use. You never have to take it out. If that isn’t what optional means to you, I really don’t know what is.

  4. ” But nobody cares about Nintendo anymore ”

    ” Nintendo is irrelevant to the mainstream gaming public ”

    ” Nintendo is forgotten about in this day and age ”

    Yeah but the Nintendo Switch and NES Mini were the most googled gaming products of the year and to add salt to these haters’s wounds the Nintendo Switch reveal was the top trending subject on Twitter….even beating the presidential debate, now I bet these same haters are gonna say Google and Twitter isn’t important anymore….smh lol

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||And then the imbeciles on this base think I’m talking nonsense when about 90% of everything I’ve said has come true…||

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