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New Pokémon Movie Titled “Pokémon – I Choose You”

During the Japanese show Oha Suta, the first teaser of the Pokémon movie coming to Japan next July has been shown, along with the unveiling of the title “Pokémon – I Choose You.”

You can check out the footage below:

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  1. Of course now this begs the question: Is this a long-form version of the first episode, is it the first few episodes, or is it select episodes from the Kanto series including the first?

    1. Except the poster for this movie has Ash & Pikachu looking at Ho-Oh flying across the sky. Whatever form this movie takes, at least a portion of it will be based around the first episode of the anime.

  2. The problem with Ash is that his Adventure is never going to end. That’s why as a Protagonist to introduce fans that are new to the series it is somewhat of a good idea however, in the long run it’s just gets long.

  3. So how’s a movie based on Ash’s new fool days (school days) going to work?

    And who are the star Pokemon? Solgaleo, Lunala, Cosmog/Cosmoem, Necrozma, the Ultra Beasts, Marshadow?

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