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Junichi Masuda Cautious About Bringing The Pokémon Series To The Switch

The Pokémon series producer Junichi Masuda has recently spoken out about his views on bringing the Pokémon franchise to the Nintendo Switch. He advised that the company will be waiting until the console has been released, to study how the series will benefit from it before deciding on their plans. However, Masuda has agreed that the Switch is the future.

Reddit user Chilly9613 has translated the interview between Masuda and MeriStation – you can take a look at the full details below.

“Communication is very important for Pokémon. Where and how our players play is something crucial. For example, in Japan the kids go play in the park and in each others’ houses, connected by playing their portable consoles. In Japan portable consoles are far from dying, in fact they’re doing better than home consoles. For that reason it’s important that we maintain the best possible communication, the medium that the people use to unite and connect to play.

Without a doubt, the Nintendo Switch is the future, but we’ll have to wait until it comes out on the market and study how Pokémon can benefit from it. When the people have it, we’ll have to see and deeply study how it’s used in order to then think about how the next entries of Pokémon will be and how the saga will be able to benefit from this new console.”

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  1. I’m definitely taking a wait and see approach with the switch. If it has fire emblem and pokemon, I’ll get it. If not, then I won’t.

    Oh who am I kidding? I’m probably buy it for one game (pikmin 4) and one game alone.

  2. What’s there to study? It seems to have all the features needed for the series to work on it, namely local wireless connectivity.

  3. Hum, if it werent for Switch, if they not realease for switch, what console it would be? 3ds will not last forever. That’s just an excuse. Although nintendo is making a new handheld, but I personally don’t believe in this idea.

  4. I understand where he’s coming from but honestly switch is designed around portability so why wouldnt Pokemon benefit from it. The only problem would be if not enough people purchase it. It’s gna b a more expensive machine than a 3ds and will have less battery so yea I think those are the main concerns. I would like some type of Pokemon game on there tho besides pokenn, some kind of adventure story based game would be awesome

  5. I think they’re cautious because it’s going to cost a lot more money to produce a main Pokémon game on the Switch than the 3DS. The budget will have to be higher but that doesn’t mean the sales will be too.

    1. Well they did said something about Pokemon Stars and they did mention that the Pokemon series belongs in handhelds. So they did keep the money rolling and trying to fix any mistakes.

    1. Thanks! Hope you continue to come back. I honestly don’t care if people get “Triggered”. I hope people just see it as a small Blogger trying to make a name for himself.

  6. really!!!! What is interesting is that Masuda san give a Japanese example of how pokemon is played and the status of console market in Japan.

    After more than 20 years and knowing that pokemon is the 2nd most successful franchise and lucrative video game-based media franchise in the world, behind only Nintendo’s Mario. I would have thought he would have a more international view on how the franchise is play in the world. Yeah OK he has to satisfy is home market but he also must know there is a huge demand on this franchise to be play on home console.

    We got the argument on why they don’t want it on home console but with the switch is completely different. And after 20 years he has to take a small risk….

  7. Ok, his concerns are fine and dandy. Many have the same wait and see approach with the switch. What I don’t get is what the hell are his alternatives? Continue to release Pokemon games on an aging platform? Ps4 or Xbox? He doesn’t have a bloody choice as far as I see it. Why would he even make such public comments? Doesn’t that seem counter intuitive when the producer for your largest ip doesn’t seem confident in your newest hardware? I thought it was a no brainer we would see Pokemon on the switch next. He has no other options. He’s potentially undermining the switches sales potential by even making his concerns public. If I was kimishima I’d be pissed. Unless of course Nintendo has a secret 3ds successor up their sleeve that no one is talking about yet.

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