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Video: Here’s The Super Mario Run Commercial

Nintendo Mobile has released a nostalgic new commercial for the recently released Super Mario Run on iOS. The advert takes a look at the various 2D Mario games that have come before and is titled The Feeling Never Changes. The video then switches to Super Mario Run being played with one hand to show just how far the series has come along with regards to technology. It’s an interesting commercial and worth a watch, below.

21 thoughts on “Video: Here’s The Super Mario Run Commercial”

    1. Either they have never played or the director told them not to so they could see that button… Our thumbs are sort of “twisted” as the thumb hits two buttons and probably looks sort of odd… That is the only reasons I can think of.

        1. Yeah…. it definitely would. Some people with good or interesting jobs like directing commercials can still be dummies… and executives often don’t have a clue either… commercials, video games, marketing, film, tv… Still a whole bunch of dummies making dumb ass decisions.

          This one is minor, but it fits the bill.

  1. Rhode last ten seconds should be the entire commercial… The rest is just plain boring to watch… There’s no speed in this, got me bored after five seconds..

  2. This commercial shows how Super Mario World is the pinnacle of the 2D Mario franchise.

    After 25 years, Nintendo didn’t show up with something, at least, as fun as SMW.

    “Why?”, I ask myself. Don’t have the answer yet, and maybe I never will.

      1. May be that, indeed. The nostalgia googles hamper the analysis a bit. But I believe there are some ways to objectively show that the New series has an inferior quality when compared to what the 2D series used to be.

        1. Just to revisit this a bit… I will say I really like the 2D Mario games that have come out recently. I like them for playability, the look and feel and of course the co-op.

          I don’t get too hung up on comparing them to the other games since the basic structure of the game is pretty standard… 8 worlds, towers, ghost houses, castles, etc…

          But, I will say, assuming we get another “2D” platformer in the series, I am hoping for some changes and advancements in both difficulty and scope, as well as the way the levels are constructed. I predict that Super Mario Maker was the unofficial “end” of the series, and with Miyamoto talking about a new direction for new mario games, that could be what he means. Although there is also Super Mario Run so maybe he meant that.

          But I will play whatever comes next.

    1. It’s tough to say. I think what made SMW so great was that it did most of the things SMB3 did, only better. It had similar powerups, but the cape is far superior to the tanuki suit. They both had unique goals, but the goal post in SMW was better because you actually had some control over your end score. They both had overworld maps, but the overworld maps in SMW were all connected which made the world feel more real and some levels in SMW had multIple exits which allowed for deeper exploration of the world. Plus SMW had Yoshi.

      The closest Nintendo has come to topping SMW since, in my opinion, is New Super Mario Bros U. Both games have quite a bit in common; but, among other shortcomings, the cape is still better than the flying squirrel suit, NSMBU uses the standard flag pole as a goal, the world doesn’t really entice exploration as much as SMW did, the music in the new games isn’t nearly as good as in the old games, and I just don’t like the art style of the new Mario games.

      Maybe Nintendo will be able to make a better Mario game once they get away from the “New” series. Until then, we wait.

      1. Yeah, SMW has the exploration thing at its best, and the addition of Yoshi was amazing! And I don’t like the flagpole, either. I also consider the music and art direction of the New series kind of boring and uninspired.

        As you said, while they don’t come up with something along those lines, we wait. :(

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