Nintendo Confirms 40 Million Downloads Of Super Mario Run In 4 Days

Nintendo of Japan has revealed what we all expected – Super Mario Run on iOS has performed extremely well. The company said that the game was downloaded forty million times in just four days. This is an extremely impressive number and has proved a number of esteemed analysts wrong. Naturally, Super Mario Run has set a record on the App Store.



  1. Everyone like to complain about the 10 price tag, but they know that it worth it, just the cheap fucks are the only ones that won’t enjoy a proper game on iOS

    1. These are downloads, not purchases.
      Yes, 40 million is a great download number, and it’s likely to be plenty profitable for Nintendo, but we seem to have a problem with people translating downloads as revenue. It’s not.

      I know several people where I work that love playing the free levels, but have told me there is no way in hell they are paying $10 for the rest. I’m sure Nintendo will get enough money out of the venture. I mean, I think they made money on the WiiU, so it doesn’t take much for them to be happy.

    1. ||I couldn’t care less about the Mobile Infantry like I’ve said over 40,000 times already…||

      1. Kallum..

        Soon you will know the truth once we dismantle your Lord Miyamoto before your very lenses..
        He will be removed piece by piece in the name of Obinna Mii and will pay for his fornacation with the ones known as the casuals…

  2. That’s the problem with “Free to Start”. Technically, if you get the free version, you are “downloading the game”, not just a demo, so it all gets reported as the same thing. Any data on what percent of the 40 million actually payed full price?

    I downloaded the free version but I decided it wasn’t for me so I didn’t buy the full version.

  3. Even if 1/40th of the people who dloaded it purchased it, Nintendo made a killing on this game. Considering most of the assets were essentially lifted from New Super Mario Bros U, I think it’s pretty safe to say there wasn’t a crap ton of money put into this game’s development.

    And for a new frontier into mobile, it’s a great sign, regardless of what fraction of the users purchased it. The 40 million downloads simply shows people are very interested in Nintendo products, and if done the right way, they’re willing to give it a shot.

    You can’t say that about a lot of older companies and/or their IPs.

  4. Even with the 10 dollar price for the rest of the game, I still think they could’ve found even more success if they released it on Android and Apple at the same time.

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