Super Mario Run Reaches 50 Million Downloads

It is safe to assume that Super Mario Run has been a resounding success for Nintendo in terms of downloads. Nintendo Japan tweeted earlier today that the game has reached 50 million downloads on Apple’s iOS platform. What everyone is curious about though is how much income they’ve made from the game and how many people purchased the full game.


    1. It would be safe to say that number would already be 100 million if Android users had access. If I had to guess I’d say probably only 10%-15% of the people actually bought the game, but even that would still be a huge success. Mario Run is the best promotional tool they have ever used.

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  1. The majority of those downloads are from people who don’t want to buy a Nintendo platform, but came in their pants when Pokémon Go and Run were announced. They underestimate how shallow the mobile cuckolds are. They won’t buy a Switch, either. They like the IP’s, but hate the idea of buying a 3DS or a Wii U (Blunder of the Century). Somehow, mobile games are less childish than a 3DS.

    These same cucks will take selfies and constantly tweet about their shitty lives.
    tl;dr pandering to these spoonlickers was a mistake.

  2. More people own that casual bullshit than a Wii u, am want to see that nintendo commander Kallum damage controlling this.

  3. 50 million downloads. If only half of those bought the game, that’s still a shitload of money. So why is Nintendo being quiet about sales? Sure it’s sold quite a number of them after around 10 days of being for sale.

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