Rumour: Animated Nintendo Series Being Developed By Nickelodeon

A Nintendo animated series is reportedly being developed by popular network Nickelodeon. The news was discovered on a recent podcast uploaded onto Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel. Judging from what’s said in the video it could be any video game series produced in the last 30 years, but with Nintendo looking to expand this would make perfect sense. Which franchise would you like to see animated?

“We have a project now that we’re doing that needs to go unnamed, based on one of the most world famous video games of the last 30 years, that we’ve had in our shop for twelve years without being able to get it started. But there were great characters and a great story, and eventually we got it going.”

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  1. “Of the past 30 years” is a pretty strong indication of who they could be talking about though. Still, your right they never mentioned Nintendo directly so it could be anything from Sonic the Hedgehog to Megaman.

    1. It’s being produced by Federator Studios, which in the past made pretty good animation, such as Bravest Warriors, Fairly Odd Parents, and their most successful Adventure Time. So I’m pretty sure it’s in good hands, unless Viacom (owners of Nickelodeon) wants to milk it out.

  2. if it’s Mario, i hope the team who is producing the TMNT series is behind the project, IMO is the only thing worth watching in Nickelodeon.

  3. Zelda just turned 30… hmm.

    Although Metroid just turned 30 too and got nothing to show for it. An animated series could make that sting a little less.

  4. Chances are it’ll be another Mario cartoon, but it could be another line of the “excuuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess” cartoons. Too bad Captain N isn’t a game, I’d rather see something along that line come back lol

  5. Too much Mario exposure. First Super Nintendo Land ( which looks largely Mario based *in the concept art* ), then Super Mario Run, and then the RabbidsXMario RPG rumor. It’s an oversatutation of the character like with DC’s Batman ( not nearly as bad ofc).

    Anyhow, it will likely be either Mario or DK considering Sonic Boom exists, Mega man is all but dead, and the PAC Man show tanked. This is just my theory…I could be wrong.

  6. Last 30 years, eh? That could be anything from Donkey Kong, to Super Mario, to Pac-Man, to anything recent like Splatoon or Crash Bandicoot or even Skylanders (I think that already has a show though). Hey, it just said within the last 30 years, which is about how long gaming has been an industry; doesn’t mean the selected franchise IS 30 years old.

    I guess we’ll wait and see.

    1. Games have existed longer than that, with consoles such as Atari 2600. Arcades have been around even before that.

      1. True, but if you remember, there was the huge video game crash of ’83, which Nintendo saved the market from with Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and all their classics on NES. In a way, Nintendo “reset” the industry, and all the gaming icons came after this event just over 30 years ago.

        Tell me- who, besides, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Jumpman/Mario, were renowned game characters before 1985? You probably can’t think of any, because those three were the very first real icons of gaming.

  7. WarioWare Inc. is the only Nintendo IP acceptable enough to be handled by the same network who endorsed:

    -Legends of Awfulness
    -Monsters vs. Aliens
    -Robot & Monster
    -Raving Rabbids
    -The Loud House
    -Harvey Beaks
    -Sanjay & Craig
    -Zombie Spongebob
    -Zombie Fairly Oddparents

    At least they can get away with that one, with a few more viewers than the innocent but epic Kirby, the realistic Fire Emblem, and dark and mysterious Metroid, and the extremely iconic Mario. Donkey Kong Country or Star Fox maybe, but not entirely.

  8. *has a very disturbing chill run up spine* Please don’t be Zelda or Metroid. I don’t trust Nickelodeon. I’m mostly concerned for Metroid, though. Just to spite us for trashing that abomination known as FedshitForce, I could see Nintendo telling Nickelodeon to give us a chiby artstyle Metroid cartoon! Talk about kicking us when we’re down… :/

  9. Se ci fosse una serie animata di super mario in 2d non disegnato come la serie di super mario super show sarei molto contento lo aspettavo ma però deve essere fatta bene per un personaggio famoso come Mario solo il meglio

  10. It could be a Zelda series with Toon Link. Most of Nickelodeon series are with the toon style so Toon Link will fit very well there. I could be wrong though.

  11. I Think Kirby Makes Sence Because The 30th Anniversary Is Coming Up But It Will Be Terrible No Matter What Nickelodeon Takes

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