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Here’s Some New Dragon Quest XI Details

One of the big Japanese role-playing games that’s hitting consoles next year is the long-awaited Dragon Quest XI. The game is heading to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation 4. Here’s a few new details provided by the developer, Square Enix.

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is the long-awaited latest entry in the Dragon Quest series. It will be released on multiple platforms, PlayStation 4 and 3DS. Whether you play the PlayStation 4 version, which depicts a beautiful world as far as the eye can see, or the 3DS version, with its warm graphics, the story you will experience does not change. Pick it up and play it on the platform of your choice.

On 3DS, you’ll see “3D Mode” on the top screen and “2D mode” on the bottom screen simultaneously at the start of your adventure. As you progress, you’ll be able to choose the appearance you’d like to continue playing with. By going to a specific place, you’ll be able to switch between 3D and 2D modes. Players can also enjoy battles in the 3DS version depicted in classic pixel style.



  1. “Players can also enjoy battles in the 3DS version depicted in classic pixel style”: This interests me a lot!

    Been playing SNES games lately, and, oh, man… Pixelated sprites are pure charming!

    1. Yep the classic battle screen will be awsome. I really wish they would have used NES styled graphics instead of the snes, but oh well. I’ll probably get this game for both systems and play through it both ways.

    1. How old are you… three? Get lost, troll. The Nintendo Switch haven’t been released until March 2017!

        1. “Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system first and foremost. We have made no announcement regarding the future of Nintendo 3DS. Obviously with sales of almost 60 million 3DS portables worldwide, there’s still a huge hunger for new games, such as Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. There are many more games in the pipeline.”

          Tatsumi Kimishima,
          Nintendo Company, Limited
          Global President and CEO

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