Nintendo Registers Trademark For Image Of The Super Famicom Controller

Nintendo has recently filed a trademark for the image of the beautiful Super Famicom controller. The news was picked up by a variety of Japanese blogs who are speculating about an inevitable Super Famicom mini which is bound to come after the incredible success of the NES Mini. Of course, nothing has been confirmed at the moment but stay tuned for further information if it arises.

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  1. I’m more excited over the idea of an N64 one. Not just for the fact that the N64 could use some love when it comes to running on HDTVs, but also the prospect we could get a more durable N64 joystick that still feels and looks like the classic one, without the risk of it deteriorating. Much like the NES controllers, the parts should be exchangeable.

      1. Banjo, sure, but Goldeneye is another story since Rare doesn’t own all the rights to that game. It might be difficult to get it on there but not impossible.

        1. It’s impossible to get Goldeneye on any Classic system or on virtual console machines as we have seen. The case is that, it’s Nintendo’s game, but Rare is obviously owed by Microsoft. Microsoft refuses to allow Nintendo to use the game unless they give Nintendo the permission, and that comes with the price of allowing Microsoft to use the game. Notice how on the Rare Replay game, Goldeneye was left out. The other part to it is that, even if Nintendo and Microsoft agree to the terms of both having Goldeneye on each other’s virtual console, they have to go through Activision since they still currently own the rights to the James Bond franchise. That game is never going to be on a system again, hence the horrible remake by Nintendo pushed with Activision in 2010/2011.

    1. Considering Kazooie, Tooie, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day are like 3 of my top 5 N64 games…

      I’m not sure. I’ll still get it, but half of my favorites will be missing.

    1. I have to get a new power cable for mine but I too have my original model and have two controllers in amazing condition. I’d still get a Super NES Classic Mini if one comes out though. :p

  2. Wait… I’m a bit confused now. Why does Nintendo need to file a trademark for the image — image? — of something that has been its own intellectual property for, let’s say, 26 years? o.O

    1. If I remember correctly, trademarks & copyrights actually CAN and WILL expire after a certain amount of time. Hence the renewals. It can only expire, though, if you haven’t used it in a certain time period, so if you don’t renew it, someone else can use it once the thing expires. It’s why so many studios & developers can use things like Dracula or Frankenstein for their own stories and can even recreate them and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

      1. many studios & developers can use things like Dracula or Frankenstein without permission for their own stories*

      2. I see, you’re right, and made me remember that Nintendo has been filling trademarks for Eternal Darkness.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!) says:

          Yeah. They only renew it so no one else can use the name for their own product. Since they did renew it, if someone tries to release a game called Eternal Darkness, even if it’s nothing like Nintendo’s game and it has nothing to tie it to Ninty’s game, Nintendo can send them C&D notes til they change the game’s name.

  3. This information is confirmed to be true and there is a mini supernintendo in development coming next year for anyone with real problems that don’t understand

  4. I really know that twilight princess was going to be remade in 2013 for the wiiu or the new3ds like supermariosunshine

  5. While this strongly points to a SNES Mini being on the way, I truly hope it isn’t. At least, not yet- if they can’t even stock the NES Mini right, they may do even worse with SNES Mini. Do we really want a repeat performance like that?

    1. Yeah. If Nintendo truly was stupid enough NOT to expect the NES Mini to be this popular, it stands to reason they won’t even realize how much more popular SNES Mini would do.

      1. Nintendo uses the low-stock, draw hype method to most systems. If I recall, SNES was a hard thing to come by. So was the Wii, so was the Amiibo, so was the classic NES mini. They tried to do that for the Wii U when I was at Nintendo World here in NYC, and we knew it was a lie. They were hiding them in the back, telling people they were sold out to drive customer hype because they bank on this idea that “oh, if it’s sold out, I must buy it cause it’s new and everyone’s getting it for a reason “. And it doesn’t always work. They did this for the NES, and while it drove hype, it also killed their chance to get legit sales for Christmas.

    1. If at least half of the games on an SNES Mini are ones I loved, I’d definitely buy one myself. @.@

  6. If an SNES Mini releases with 30 games & half of them are ones I love, I’d probably have a difficult time not being tempted to get my own. @.@

  7. I’d be 100% more excited for the Super NES Mini/Classic than I was for the NES Classic. Super is probably one of my top 3 favorite consoles of all time. Even though I still have my original, I’ll still get the classic mini. :p

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