Here’s A Look At The Legend Of Zelda Anniversary Concert Album Box

Something that all Nintendo fans would want is now available on Amazon Japan. Yes, the 30th anniversary Zelda concert CD is available for pre-order! The luxurious item will be released on February 15th and includes both a DVD and CD of the astonishingly good Zelda Symphony. You can also get a special badge set and a stand which showcases the one and only Link conducting with his famous Wind Waker baton. Check it all out below.



  1. I really enjoyed watching the Zelda orchestra when it was on tour; I’ve seen it twice, so far. I would love to add this to my collection, but overseas shipping can be pricey. Hopefully it’ll come to the US Amazon shop; it might not.

    1. No official tracklist but the set list at each of the concerts that this is recorded from:
      Act I:
      Hyrule Castle
      Princess Zelda’s Theme
      The Wind Waker Medley
      Ocarina of Time Medley
      Boss Battle Medley
      A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes Medley
      Skyward Sword Staff Roll
      Act II:
      30th Anniversary Symphony
      Minor Songs Medley
      Gerudo Valley
      Hyrule Field (Ocarina of Time)
      Great Fairy Theme
      Twilight Princess Medley
      The Legend of Zelda Main Theme
      Kakariko Village
      Breath of the Wild Main Theme

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