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GameStop Begins Advertising Nintendo Switch

We haven’t really got too long to go until the Nintendo Switch launches so it is unsurprising to see marketing materials arriving at large gaming retailers. The latest store to receive Nintendo Switch promotional material is US retailer GameStop. No doubt we will get larger and more intricate displays after the Nintendo Switch event which takes place on January 12th. Check out the display, below.




    1. Ofcourse it is.
      If it was not, they would not have bothered to take one on the late show with jimmy fallon.
      Well that logic is not totally sound, but still..
      I am sure it was final when they showed the trailer.

  1. How you interview about the people that are getting fired at GameStop for a stupid slogan called “The Circle of Life”.

    GameStop will not survive as a company.

  2. I hope I see Switch kiosks in stores after the event. I remember after the Wii U was revealed (and even after launch) wondering why the heck no stores had Wii U kiosks. It wasn’t until recent years that I saw a Wii U kiosk at Best Buy. But I can’t recall ever seeing one in any other store. They were putting one in Wal-Mart once. But it was never working. Then they eventually removed it altogether. I always wondered what happened.

    1. P.S.: I’m not sure this marketing material is official. The images look copy-pasted from existing ones.

  3. I’d better remember to pre-order one of these- you’d think Nintendo would make sure these are not understocked after the NES Mini fiasco, but now, you can never be too sure…

    1. You’d think after the popularity of amiibo, they’d be better prepared for products that have a strong chance of being sought after as collectibles. Alas, not the case.

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