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Liam Robertson: Octolings Could Be Coming To Splatoon On Nintendo Switch

One of the games that has already been showcased for the Nintendo Switch is Splatoon. Details are scarce regarding what has changed since the Wii U version was released, but additional maps are a given. Now journalist Liam Robertson has hinted that the Octolings will finally be joining the party. We shall find out for sure on the 12th of January.

10 thoughts on “Liam Robertson: Octolings Could Be Coming To Splatoon On Nintendo Switch”

  1. It was a given. Im sure they were planned for the Wii u version as part of their free updates, but must have decided to hold them for a sequel. There were many hints that octolings were going to be playable from all those data mines on the game back then. So yeah, I’d be interested if any other type of characters could join the fight. Still hyped as duck for this though, don’t get me wrong. I’m pumped!

  2. Splatoon is one of my favorite games. Haven’t played it much lately. I think it would be neat, if it had an area like the Tower in Destiny.

  3. MAYBE it will come but we dont know about if you choose octoling you can only play with other octolings and inklings vs inklings so WE DON´T KNOW ABOUT KNOWING K

  4. I mean, this is only something we’ve wanted since Splatoon was shown to have them for antagonists. Maybe they’ll be used for certain game modes that aren’t Turf War, like maybe some TF2/Overwatch modes like Attack/Defend.

  5. Hopefully there’s more modes like inkling vs octoling clans and larger maps for 8 vs 8 and so on. Hope we can customize inkling hair colors and leave it the color we picked though it’s ok if they don’t, I’d just like to have that option ;)

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