Hackers Have Modded The NES Classic To Add New Games

Well that didn’t take long. The NES Classic has only been out for a few months now, but hackers have already managed to jailbreak the tiny console. While Nintendo have said there are no more games coming to the system, these modders can add as many NES games as they want. However, it’s still early days and there are doubts that every NES game will function properly on the simplified console. The tools for doing this to your own system are out there, but it should only be done at your own risk. Check out the video below to see the modded console in action.

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  2. I love how the comment section completely derailed from the topic.

    As for NES emulation, I’ve been doing this on my Wii Homebrew Channel since 2010. Nothing new to me.

    At least others will be able to add gems like DuckTales, Adventure Island, Tiny Toon Adventures, Buck O’Hare, Kart Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog (NES) and Hebereke (just to name a few) to their collection.

    Now we just wait for SNES Classic to exist.

  3. adding more games is actually a good thing 30 games is ok but the “option” to do so is there for people that want variety instead of the nintendo picked titles

  4. i got a new nes classic and only had fire emblem , fire emblem gaiden, mother 1, ninja gaiden 1-3, gremlins, mario bros 3, then jeckyl and hyde.

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