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Nintendo’s European Website Gets A Massive Overhaul

Nintendo of Europe can’t seem to make up their mind about their website design, the site changing constantly over the past year. However, the latest overhaul really seems to signal Nintendo’s future. Completely removing the longstanding grey and blue associated with the Wii and Wii U, the new red design lines up with the Switch branding we’ve been seeing since¬†the console’s reveal late last year. While you can check out a few pictures below, you can see the full site here.


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      1. OMG people… Just think a little.
        1) The Switch arrives in March 2017 (we’ve know that for almost a year).
        2) If you want a “console” then never freaking remove the tablet from the docking station a just like that you have a “normal” console.
        3) Is it really so difficult to do your own research about it?
        Just search “Nintendo Switch launch” on Google.

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