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Online Retailer CDON Have Listed Loads Of Nintendo Switch Accessories

You know a console is fast approaching when third parties start releasing their random accessories. The online retailer CDON have listed loads of accessories for the Switch. While the list mostly consists of the expected cases and screen protectors, the licensed Mario and Zelda Starter Kits do sound vaguely interesting. Check out the list below.

  • Zelda Starter Kit Sheikah Eye Edition
  • Zelda Starter Kit Links Tunic Edition
  • Mario Starter Kit M Edition
  • Mario Starter Kit Pattern Edition
  • Starter Kit
  • System Case
  • Mario System Case
  • Zelda System Case
  • Secure Travel Game Case
  • JoyCon Gel Guards
  • Clean and Protect Kit
  • Mono Communicator
  • Stereo Wired Headset
  • Vehicle Power Adapter

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11 thoughts on “Online Retailer CDON Have Listed Loads Of Nintendo Switch Accessories”

  1. CDON lists all the shit it thinks might be coming.
    There was a huge list of games for Wii U including Battlefield 4 among many other AAA games that some were already confirmed not coming, all up for pre-order.

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