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Canada: Wal-Mart Has The Nintendo Switch Listed For $399

The Nintendo Switch event is hours away, and we’re starting to get an idea of what the console’s price may be. Wal-Mart has a listing for the console, with a price of $399 CSD. This is the equivalent of $299 in the United States. We will learn the official price at Nintendo’s Switch event later tonight, so stay tuned. It’s going to be a busy night.



    1. $400 CAD is way too pricey… Just in Quebec, we must add 15% tax over that amount. So you end up with a console costing $460 CAD, no games, no pro controller… It’s too much asked for generic families. At that price, it won’t sell much here in Canada, the dollar is too weak.

    1. I understand your pain. Don’t forget that for most of us Canadians, it will be $400 CAD + taxes ($460 in Quebec), and that you don’t have any game yet, let alone additional controllers or any other hardware.

      Very steep prices. And knowing how families are straight money-wise here, it’s not gonna sell. Heck, a $139 CAD 3DS is still to much paid for most people, and you expect them to pay $500? Total BS.

      1. I’m from Québec too, and honestly i’d rather pay upfront 460$ CAD with no games than 300$ USD for a PS4, its all a matter of taste, i don’t have that many Playstation exclusives i’d like to get vs the Nintendo ones: a new 3D mario, zelda, hopefully a new metroid’s not too far away, and i’m just curious here but am i the only one who’d love to see a new wario land game instead of yoshi…. on the other hand this could also means that it was more expensive to build than we thought which in turn means it could also be more powerful than we thought… a few more hours and we’ll see.

  1. Many people in the US believe it’s gonna be 250$. Thats what we all think. Besides 250$ is a better price for Nintendo to go with. I’m also agreeing with the 250$ price on the switch.

    1. And if they want to make a price drop later to kickstart sales? What do they drop the price to, $170-$200? They have to start a little high so that they have room for a price drop later. Im confident it will be $300 at launch, but will drop to $250 after the first year.

  2. I’m on the $250 train personally. That just seems like a smart and competitive price that’ll get people’s attention. That said $300 would be the high end of what I’d consider acceptable. Any more than that and it’ll be a hard sell.

  3. If it’s really $400 CAD ($460 including taxes) for just a console and no controllers/games/additional hardware, this will flop like the 3DS when it was introduced a few years ago. The price is too high for most Canadian families. I’m very concerned about this…

  4. Please be 300 to 400 bucks so I can hear these cheapskates bitch & moan.

    1. I want this console to be at least 330 but ideally $350-$400US so we can get a Nintendo console with some horsepower under the hood like the old days.. Not some advanced Leapfrog tablet this will be obsolete in 6-9 months.And for all you whiney little bitches wanting a console at 200 bucks go fuck yourselves…

      Nintendo has once last chance with this console and it has to be at least close to the PS4 in power or this thing is DOA. It doesn’t matter what games will come out for it, the gaming community will not take the Switch seriously and pass if off as a child console alternative. Let the older teens and grown ass adults play on PlayStation and Xbox/PC and the tweens can play Splatoon on Nintendo. That’s what they will continue to say…

      N-Dub nation keeps damage controlling like a faggot still and Quadraxis is well… still is Quadraxis.. (Autism at its finest).

      Tomorrow I really hope to hear some exciting news and I mean a console with SOME POWER and if it turns out we get that information I will be happy. But if we do happen to find out this is some portable Wii U child’s console I am going to tear into N-Dub like no other. Your gunna get pimp slapped like a drunk Black Man hitting some slutty snow bunny

      1. Dude! Quit breaking character! You’re making me like you a little! xD

  5. People are bitching if it’s too expensive they don’t want it.
    But then people will bitch it’s not powerful enough because it was made cheaply.
    There has to be some kind of middle here…

  6. At first I thought it said $400 usd at first. Lol. $300 usd is what I expected which is cool. I hope they reveal a protective case for that screen because there is no way I would take that anywhere without protection. One drop and it’d be all over.

    1. Any price drop would constitute selling it at a loss & Nintendo said that’s not gonna happen. Now if the Switch is a total flop & sells like shit this year then they might have to give up on the not selling at a loss and THEN drop the price.

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