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Senran Kagura Dev: “I’m Interested How They Will Introduce THAT Unique Feature”

Senran Kagura creator Kenichiro Takaki has made things that little more interesting regarding tonight’s Nintendo Switch presentation which will see Nintendo spill the beans about its brand new console. He says that he’s interested to see how fans will react to a unique feature that’s part of the Nintendo Switch. Here’s the translation thanks to Reddit.

“I’m interested how they will introduce THAT unique feature, and how people will react to it.”

Thanks, awesomeaussie27 for the tip!


40 thoughts on “Senran Kagura Dev: “I’m Interested How They Will Introduce THAT Unique Feature””

  1. What can I say, I’m definitely hyped to see what Mr. Takaki has in store for the system.

    I can’t believe this will be the first time we get a Senran Kagura game on a Nintendo console than a handheld. Hopefully it’s a return to the main series than cashing in on the Versus games’ popularity.

    1. No, a wireless HDMI would be very expensive, and the Wii U uses a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection to the console, which streams to the GamePad, not the GamePad to the console. These technologies are very different, and wireless HDMI is not really a general consumer thing yet (it can’t reach wired HDMI speed at the moment).

  2. Spoken like a true anime antagonist.

    “Looks like I’ll have to use THAT technique.”

    “What?! You’re using THAT?!”

    “The situation calls for it.”

    “But we’re outside! People could die!”



  3. My guess is it will have some sort of projector so that you can play on a “big screen” anywhere you go. Maybe with some sort of “3D glasses” accessory as well. We shall see. This gonna be so lit fam.

    1. King Kalas X3 (Ridley 4 Smash Switch!)

      Quality of Life lives anew as healthy, fully edible controllers! Japan has learned how to use magic so magic can make lettuce work like an actual electronic with water, electric, & break proof powers!

  4. Literal translation (I speak Japanese, a little): “This interesting feature, how it will be announced, and what the reaction will be… I’m so eager to find out.”

  5. King Kalas X3 (Ridley 4 Smash Switch!)

    Is he essentially saying there is gonna be another unique feature with Nintendo Switch that they’ve kept hidden all these months? Not sure if I should love or dread it.

  6. I still believe it’s something interactive, like it would bring the game to your living room. Your surrounding will become part of the game, VR to the next level?
    If not, I’m sure it will be something innovative, like we’re used of Nintendo… something Sony and Microsoft want the moment they see it.

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