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UK: Amazon Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Available From 7am, Friday 13th

Amazon UK have recently sent out a marketing email highlighting that members of the public can start pre-ordering the Switch from 7am tomorrow, Friday 13th. Recent reports point towards stock shortages for the hotly anticipated new console/handheld hybrid machine so it would be best advised to place your pre-order as soon as possible. Bear in mind that, unsurprisingly, they’re limiting pre-orders to one per customer.

GAME has also opened the doors for pre-orders. We won’t know any official details of pricing, games and developer support until they fully reveal the Switch’s launch details in a few hours time.

Thank you for the tip, Jason.

14 thoughts on “UK: Amazon Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Available From 7am, Friday 13th”

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  2. King Kalas X3 (Ridley 4 Smash Switch!)

    The good thing about ordering from Amazon is even if they run out of preorders, they’ll still keep your order in their databases (you simply just lose the preorder bonus if they had one) so when they have some available, you’ll get one sent to you as soon as they hit your name on some kind of “first come, first served basis” list. In other words, no hunting for what you want as all you simply have to do is be patient & leave enough money in your bank account for them to charge you. Unlike Gamestop & Wal-Mart with their “If you can’t preorder, good luck hunting instead, suckers!” stance.

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