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A Look At The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Character Select Screen

The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe trailer showed off a handful of new characters coming to the Switch port. However, it looks like they could be the only ones we’re getting. Tom Phillips of Eurogamer posted a photo of the game’s character select screen, presumably from his time at one of the preview events happening today. While all the new characters are present, there doesn’t seem to be space for any additional characters. Check out the picture below.


  1. ||Drybone is back, see Jaded_Drybones, I told you High Command would give you a special gift…||

  2. THE INKLINGS ARE SELECTABLE DRIVERS NOW!!! Oh this is so awesome. Day one buy whenever it comes out

    1. ||Probably the question mark spot, or they’ll have entirely new Nintendo cattle characters…||

  3. Not too bad. It is just an enhanced port after all. What surprised me is no real indication of new tracks.

    I’m just happy I’ll still have Dry Bowser to play as :)

    1. I really really hope we get Samus. While were at it why not captain falcon, kirby, fox and olimar. Zelda too with sheik as her biker outfit.

  4. So what happens to the Mario Kart 8 we already brought? And all the money I spent on DLC?

    Anyway, Diddy and Birdo are still absent, but at least they brought back Bowser Jr.

    Maybe the modding community will come through for us. I can even think of a few changes:

    -Birdo > Pink Gold Peach
    -Diddy Kong > Tanooki Mario
    -Nabbit > Cat Peach
    -Petey Pirahna > Dry Bowser
    -Robo Mario > Metal Mario

    The other four characters would be retconned into costumes (because that mechanic DOES exist).

  5. Have the game on Wii U already with all DLC so I’m not sure if this is enough to make me fork out money again just so I can play as 3 extra characters I probably won’t use very often or at all.

    Maybe if they add more courses it would justify a purchase but as it stands now I just don’t know.

    Go for it if you’ve never played Mario Kart 8 however as it is a fantastic game in its own right.

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