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Video: 1-2 Switch, A Switch Launch Title, Announced

The first Switch launch game was announced, which is called 1-2 Switch, at the Nintendo Switch presentation. We’ve included the reveal trailer below.

Source: Nintendo Switch Presentation


  1. oh my nintendo has done it againthey have alienated Gamers again. I wanted them to come around but they have shown again they are totally out of touch with gamers. enjoy your indie crap everybody but in 2 years you will only have shovel ware releasing on this piece. this must be the part of japan where people eat paint chips and sniff glue. Thank You God for Playstation

  2. When I first saw the cowboy I screamed “RED DEAD!!!” Then I came to my senses and thought that maybe it was a new Wild Gunman. Then this. Eh.

  3. I’m sorry to offend you Peridot Gem but this was MY honest opinion of this train wreck of a presentation. i have wii u and was hoping they would compete with sony and have the nintendo staples but where are the r2 and l2 buttons. without them how will the port 3rd party games. the only third party games will have a gimmick for the controls. again sorry to offend i just ain’t feeling it.

    1. I think if Nintendo should have started the presentation off with Zelda. Next show the launch date of March 3rd. At that point you would have had everybody hyped in the first 5 minutes. Next show the Mario game. After that show Xenoblade 2. After that announce that the console would indeed be region free.

      If they did that, you would be about 20 minutes into the presentation, and you would have everybody watching hyped as hell. They would have already won the crowd over. Then they could have shown all the garbage shovelware gimmick shit… It would have shown that they were thinking of gamers first… Unfortunately they didnt showcase the presentation in this order… They showcased it in the worst way possible IMO…. It was bad… really bad.

      1. I’m not sure it was the worst way possible, but it definitely should’ve been done closer to what you suggested. I was pretty underwhelmed during the first 15 mins or so. Also those first two games reminded me way too much of the Wii. It seemed like they were trying to sell everybody on motion controls again. It doesn’t look good. It makes it look like Nintendo’s not moving forward.

        1. No, it doesn’t look good. Im not sure how they are going to get themselves out of this hole they have dug. I mean wtf were they thinking? Motion controls? As their main selling point? Really? That was the most disappointing part of the presentation to me… Motion controls. People didnt buy Star Fox Zero because of motion controls… People dont want motion controls… And they made it look like the joycons were just another form of the wii mote and nunchuck,,,

          Why are they so stuck on the Wii?? They needed to distance themselves from the Wii, not get closer to it! Fuck i have to go to bed, im too upset… lol

          1. I don’t mind motion controls. I actually like them in better than standard controls in a few applications; but they shouldn’t have been at the forefront of this presentation. I honestly can’t say what Nintendo was thinking. I doubt many 3rd parties, if any at all, will make use of the motion controls.

  4. Omega Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

    It’s okay, guys. The motion controls nor this game was the focal point of the entire presentation. They are small fries. Sure the presentation spent too much time on them but they fully redeemed themselves soon after with Splatoon 2 (and everyone, including us, all thought it was going to just be an enhanced port lol) & other great things. Don’t worry about those silly demo games which is essentially what they were.

    Oh & I highly look forward to the possibility of being able to Switch between traditional controls & motion controls within seconds if I so choose to. Imagine every game allowing you to play them either way! If 3rd parties don’t use it, oh well. Besides, they are making VR games which also involves motion controls to an extent so don’t sell the motion controls on Switch short just yet.

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