The Devs Behind Shovel Knight Say That “We Have Vowed To Start Work On A New Project In 2017”

Yacht Club Games are the team that created Shovel Knight. However, 2017 may be the year that Yacht Club tries something new. That’s the intention, anyway. Yacht Club Games announced on Twitter that the team has vowed to start work on a brand new project in 2017. Not much more was said than that, but it’s still quite an announcement. We’ve included the tweet they posted below, in case you want to check it out.



  1. Nice. Shovel Knight is great, but I’d like to see them broaden their horizons. I hate when small devs find success with a game and then do nothing but add to that one game.

    Are they the ones that put out that survey for what kind of game fans would want to see next? I don’t quite remember.

    1. They did, though half the games still had to do with Shovel Knight! (Shovel Knight Kart, Shovel Knight RPG, Shovel Knight Tennis, Shovel Knight Emergency Room Rescue, etc.)

      Let’s see something new from them before Shovel Knight 2. That’s what I want.

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