Reggie Says There Are More Unannounced 3DS Games Coming

There hasn’t been much 3DS news from Nintendo lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s dying. Nintendo may have the Switch on the horizon, but the company still sees plenty of potential with the 3DS. Not only is the 3DS still alive, but Reggie has confirmed that more unannounced 3DS games are coming. We’ve included the tweet that relayed the news down below, so feel free to check it out.



    1. The 3DS is like the Wii in regards to how much people like to make games for it. It’s still hugely popular in Japan, and even in the West it’s pretty popular. Nintendo would have to be stupid to kill it off now.

    1. It wouldn’t make any sense to develop a third game on a whole new system. I’m convinced we’ll get it, but also that it’ll still be on the 3DS. If it actually does end up on Switch, it would just be a port, I imagine.

    1. Omega Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

      If so, they must REALLY want to ruin Metroid like they ruined Paper Mario for people like me. Grrr…

  1. The switch will not replace the 3ds, if Nintendo tries to do this they will lose out. The switch doesn’t have sufficient battery power or an appropriate form factor to be used like a 3ds.

  2. Please dear god let the 3DS die. The switch needs all development and the 3ds install base, it can’t get that if the 3ds is still alive and kicking. Hopefully by the end of 2017 it is completely forgotten, they need to give the switch a chance and not lean on the 3ds at all. Better not see any 3DS in any direct or at e3.

    1. There are over 80 third-party games on Switch. Plus I’m sure more unannounced 1st party games like all-in-one Smash Bros. and Metriod Prime 4 which we know is happening. Arms is a sweet badass game.

      1. And? What does that have to do with anything I said? All of that will be great but do you know how many easy units monster hunter is? fire emblem? pokemon? 3DS has got to go, and I’m sure it will but they just want to be a little bit more subtle with it than the wii U.

        1. Switch has fire emblem and Tokyo Mirage Sessions 2 maybe. And confirm pokemon game that is NOT a main game according to the president of the pokemon company. Xenoblades & Zelda modern day game, and Super Mario Galaxy 3 (known as odyssey).

            1. Both mario 64 & sunshine are sandbox games, so there’s no point in mentioning 64. But it gives you environments more unique & exotic like galaxy with its creativity and all, also has sunshine like levels, as well as that open world like sunshine. Let’s call this Super Mario Lego City Undercover, LOL (they are open world in a similar city). But this game is basically Galaxy with the sandbox of sunshine. I always knew the follow-up to sunshine and galaxy would be a game like this, and it’s nice they brought the open world back. This game is more like galaxy, outside of true exploration like sunshine. And it’s as close to galaxy 3 you will ever see, because there’s no point in making galaxy 3, and I would say the same about sunshine 2 but there’s Sunshine VR that can be done with the Sunshine game, so Sunshine 2 might via Mario VR game.

        2. Skyrim & sports games on the go is a big deal to the 75% of PS4 & Xbox one owners. The Switch pre-orders sold out everywhere in one or two days. Nintendo manufactured 10 million Switch’s bitches (just wanted to rhyme) back in September. They must have a minimum of 7 million as back up, with less than 1 million for refurbished on eBay. They can manufacture more while blowing thru the current stock of SKUs they have now. They won’t repeat the mistakes of the Wii on stock issues this time.

    2. But the 3DS STILL has so much potential with it’s dual screens and so many people still love it. Sure the switch is gonna take a bit of the spotlight but having two side by side consoles will be pretty great.

  3. The 3DS still has a lot of life left in it yet, I am sure as titles become available for the switch they will be considered for the 3ds. I’d love to see games such as owlboy released for the 3ds and switch, monsterboy, Dragons Trap etc
    I’m fairly certain we will continue to see backports from the WiiU to the 3ds such as Captain Toad for one.
    The switch and the 3ds can coexist and compliment each other, having two large fanbases (no reason why the switch won’t be large) would create a bigger brand portfolio.
    Nintendo fans seem to be all or nothin kinda people and most likely have a 3ds or two and will purchase the switch at some point also, developers know this and are aware of the difference between the two devices.

    I’d love to see Nintendo revisit some of its older SNES titles and update them to perform true to the current 3DS platform and given that they have now added multiplayer to some of those games for the switch indicates that they have been looking deeply into their back catalog, one only has to look at the success of the NES classic to gauge how successful their back catalog is and how many fans and money is in it.

    If the 3DS were coming to an end, you’d have to wonder why Nintendo bothered to develop the NEW 3DS at all… right?

    The switch will survive on its own merits. It would be silly for Nintendo to turn its back on it money maker as the handheld market is well and truly there’s.

    The great thing is the Indie developers are popping up everywhere and are enthusiastic about the platforms in which Nintendo presents and represents so you just never know what is coming or how great it can become.

    1. They cannot coexist, when you leave the house only 1 would be going with you and nintendo does not want that to be the 3DS. It will get a few more small releases then fade off, development time should not be wasted on it at this point when they want to push 1 platform for everything. The N3DS has been out for a while and if it hasn’t gotten much specifically catered to it by now then it never will, hasn’t been the first weird model upgrade they have done. They are apparently disappearing from stores along with the wii U (which they have also abandoned completely despite clashing pr nonsense from reggie). If you think they want to push their franchises on a 240p (or whatever it is) screen handheld that has already been through it’s prime over their new platform that is also a handheld/console you are delusional. The handheld market is theirs which is why they want the switch out there and get that 3DS install base.

      1. The 3DS fits in your pocket, the Switch does not. So you can take both. Collect StreetPasses on your 3DS while gaming, and when your 3 to 6 1/2 hours battery life runs out, you switch to your 3DS for 4 to 7 hours or vice versa. Its all good. The 3DS successor will do unique things the Switch can’t do, but won’t be HD nor have that much power, but free online, as well as ideal for kids. Can’t wait for 4D, I’ve seen movies in 4D.

  4. The only way I see the 3DS going is if the Switch is enthusiastically embraced by developers and gamers alike but that can only be made evident on a much longer term basis so time will tell what will happen to the 3DS. Personally I feel like the Switch is poised to cut into the handheld market space if not from the current 3DS users but the people that did not get on board the 3DS due to resolution complaints and also variety of games. Its clear we are going to have third party developers working on the Switch and that means we may even snatch the PS Vita crowd and see much more advanced games become available to us.

    In terms of the battery life of the Switch I don’t see any problem in connecting a powerbank to it and discreetly placing it in your pocket or your backpack as you game on an extended battery life, sure its not as neat as the 3ds in that regard but it was a necessary trade off for the performance difference between the 3DS and the Switch.

    1. It can get the 3DS and VITA market. Also I don’t know what the official length is from nintendo but the N3DS XL on decent brightness is absolute trash, switch being 2.5 – 6 based on the game is fine, I would actually say it has a pretty big leg up on the 3DS because it can just connect to a powerbank, it also has usb c which isn’t proprietary .

    2. The 3DS already got the PS Vita fans with that 3DS XL that came with Mario and Luigi Dream Team which they say they like. And pokemon go gave everyone extended battery power banks LOL, it was Nintendo’s plan all along.

  5. I don’t think there is anything from stopping anyone from connecting a powerbank to a 3DS right now but the obvious advantage of the switch is evident, if not from the hardware itself but for the possibility of the console bringing a line of games previously not seen on a Nintendo system for generations.
    I’d love to see much more racing sims, fighters, shooters etc and that in itself is possible. As much as well all love RPG’s there is a good portion of people that do not and the is the market the Nintendo and specifically the Switch can capture not only from the general public across the board but also from 3DS gamers.

    I don’t see that Nintendo is going to compete with themselves rather compliment each other to an extent.
    The other thing about the PS Vita is that Sony insisted upon using its proprietary external memory cards which was a mistake, the Switch supports the widely popular and accepted format of the microSD card so that is another plus.

    Its been since the SNES that I have played a Mortal Kombat game on a nintendo system and that was Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate which featured space invaders also as a little side game (if I remember correctly) which was pretty cool.
    Its never going to happen but it would have been nice if RARE were still producing games for Nintendo so we could see some of those fantastic games make a come back on a platform were they were most appreciated on. I’m fairly certain we will see Yooka-Laylee arrive on the Nintendo Switch though sadly at the expense of the Wii-U version though but its all good news for the Switch. We should hear more news regarding Yooka-Laylee in the next few weeks. :)

  6. I guess whatever they currently have in development would probably be the last legs of the console. Anything first party could almost be considered the bang the console leaves out on. I mean the DS’s last big game was Black and White 2 which came out a year into the 3DS life. It would make sense to carry the 3DS into 2018 alongside the Switch with new first party games, and then essentially have it fade out as the last third party shovelware hops on as it slowly lowers itself out of the spotlight.

    1. I agree. I have no idea where in the world some of you are pulling these ideas from, but the 3DS is currently doing extremely well, and since most people (like me), are going to treat the Switch as mainly a home console, the 3DS will still be extremely relevant.

  7. I have a idea:Nintendo Will Realese a 25th anniversary kirby game for 3ds and for switch and 3ds will go to heaven. .

  8. Didn’t Reggie say the same thing about the Wii U a of years ago? If by “unannounced games” they mean “a few second minute games so 3DS users actually believe we’re not making the Switch a priority yet”, then I believe them.

    1. The Wii U is still being manufactured until 2018. Nintendo said the 3DS is getting a separate successor that they will announce at a later date. I wonder if Nintendo is crazy enough to make a separate successor to the Wii U, we’ll find out in the next few years. 3 to 4 architectures today (don’t forget mobile with Niantic & Dena) and 2 architectures tomorrow when the technology is there to have one system to replace them all, but sadly the technology nor comprehensible plans are there yet, and won’t be for the next 7 years I suppose.

      1. What? ( ̄  ̄|||) Dude, you lost me, especially the architectures part. I’ve been checking several articles and I’ve yet to see anyone mention that it’s being manufactured until 2018. They all say Wii U production has ended. So unless I’m not seeing right, I suggest you link me to where it says the Wii U is still in production until 2018. Also please don’t be naive to actually believe what Nintendo says about supporting the Wii U and 3DS. They know well enough they want their customers to keep faith in the products so that they will spend money on them. It’s PR 101.

        1. I can only find info on the Wii U being discontinued in the U.K. and Japan. Nothing about it being discontinued anywhere else in the world.

      2. I work in a retail chain and occasionally get the chance to speak to Nintendo Representatives and upon one conversation I was told it was likely that the drop of Wii-U console was likely the last stock we would receive as the warehouse has indicated that there will be no more furthermore I was told that if we do receive anymore beyond this point they may acquire supplies directly from Japan.

        Whilst my source of information may not be as rock solid as some may think it is as close as you are going to get beyond what has already been said. I believe europe has ceased production of the Wii-U which services my region.

  9. 1889 until todate Nintendo has made adjustments when necessary. The 3DS and Switch living side by side is smart.

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