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GameStop Reserves All Of Its Initial Nintendo Switch Allocation

US Retailer GameStop has now reserved all of its initial Nintendo Switch stock allocation. The company’s website has revealed that GameStop began taking reservations online and in more than 3,900 stores on the day of the Switch release, and all of the currently available stock has now been allocated to pre-orders.

The retailer is now offering customers to sign up to get updates about the Switch and its future availability. Here’s the news release from GameStop’s website:

“GRAPEVINE, Texas, Jan. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GameStop, a family of specialty retail brands that makes the most popular technologies affordable and simple, has reserved all of its first allotment of Nintendo Switch systems.

On Friday, the retailer began taking reservations for the Nintendo Switch online and in its more than 3,900 stores nationwide.

“The fact that this initial allotment has been completely reserved in a matter of a few days demonstrates gamers desire for this fun and revolutionary gaming system,” said Bob Puzon, senior vice president of merchandising at GameStop. “We’re working closely with Nintendo to get additional Nintendo Switch units, and will let our customers know when they become available. We encourage customers to visit and sign up to be get updates about the product and availability.”

For context, Twitter user @ZhugeEX has advised that previously GameStop had 500,000 total Wii U units at launch, which were also all pre-ordered:

Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Switch, has been in high demand over the past few days, with other retailers such as Amazon stopping taking any further pre-orders at this time due to allocation. Hopefully in the near future pre-orders will become available again to give those looking to get the Switch on day 1 a chance of choosing which retailer to buy from.

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    1. I talked with people earlier today, probably around noon, and they said it was out. When I went in to preorder Zelda, it was still out. I’m on that email list, though, so I’ll be notified.

    1. Got mine in Best buy for free. No money down. My card gets charged when I go pick up the order. GameStop tries to get you for the money and takes it if you don’t pick up the pre order or cancel.

      1. What? Lmao no they don’t if someone doesn’t pick up a preorder the money will still be there until you claim it or switch it to another preorder, that money is never removed or taken as their own. The only place I’ve had an experience like that is toys r us where the b**** told me there was nothing she could do.. like wtf it’s my money there should be something that you can do

        1. Google GameStop keeps pre order money for systems. They give you 48 hours to pick up your stuff. Some places give you 1 days if it’s systems. They are supposed to give you money back, but some GameStop’s don’t do it because it’s a pre order on a system.

      2. No they don’t, that would be stealing and completely illegal. You can get your money back anytime you want, its risk free. I would rather pre-order through Gamestop because I dont like giving my credit or debit card number to businesses if I dont have too. I gave my number to Books a Million and they fucking signed me up to about $100.00 worth of bullshit magazines without my permission! It was completely illegal! I was pissed, never again will i give my debit card to places like that. Plus putting money down on the system now makes it cheaper when you pick it up on launch.

    1. You don’t pay for the servers they use to give you better internet, if they are using good ones like xbox live and whatever sonys is called. Wii & Wii U had terrible internet, and paying $50 a year, which is less than $5 a month, is a joke of a price and even teenage kids can afford that without a job. It’s a small price to pay for internet that’s actually worth having.

      1. }{ Wii U and 3ds internet works just fine… There’s still no reason to have this system… PC’s have free wifi too, (although admittedly, I don’t recommend port forwarding for some games unless you are extremely tech savvy, but that is a trend that is occurring less and less, with only a few rare games actually requiring it nowadays…) WiFi connection speed and stability is based far more prominently on the service you pay for from your provider than it is based on the server the game creator uses… This is an unnecessary cash grab that you are clearly blind to because your console overlords told you otherwise… }{

        1. I have no problem paying $5 cashgrab or not. And a PS4 in my house runs smooth online, shit Playstation All Stars on PS3 in my house runs smoother than smash wii u, 3ds, or brawl. Try again.

          1. }{ I don’t need to try again… You have brought me new understanding of you console peasants… You just don’t mind being robbed, because you somehow think you are getting something of equal value out of it… Do some simple math… a $480 investment (because let’s be honest, you’ll be wanting some games and a few accessories to start out with), along with $50 dollars a year (which you still didn’t provide a source for, and I can find no official source stating as much), so probably more like $75 – $100 per year, (but for sake of argument we will go with your low end $50). Now, assuming the life cycle of a console is approximately 6 years (based on the transition from ps2 – ps3), we can then realize you will be putting an additional 300 into your system, although we will remove $50 due to the near 1 year demo and my generosity in these calculations, so $480 + 250 puts you at $730. HOWEVER, we aren’t even remotely close to done yet, as you will undoubtedly want some additional games during this time. I will base this figure on my own personal wii game collection for an estimate, as I am assuming you actively partake in the industry as I did during my time owning a wii, so we will allow for 23 games, minus the 2 we have already accounted for, will put you at $1260 worth of games. Now, while you are a console peasant, I will still be willing to account for the fact that you may somehow find it in yourself to be patient and wait for sales on a few games, so we will just round waay down to $1000 for games. That still puts you at $1730. Now then, we haven’t even scratched the surface, as nobody buys a gaming console and doesn’t eventually purchase enough controllers to have 4 player couch coop, and so with the switch, there could be 2 possible estimates, one where you just buy 2 more joy con controllers and call it a day, or the other, which I’ll be going with because if you do that people will hate you for forcing them to use that dinky thing instead of a full sized controller of purchasing 3 pro controllers, which i will estimate from wii u ones since I cannot find an official price, so we will say they are $50 a piece (which is honestly pretty generous given how pricy things are lookin for switch accessories), so that will run you another $150. I will not account for 3rd party controllers, as I feel it is balanced out by losing or wearing out and having to replace a controller, and it’s impossible to estimate these things, so this is a baseline. In case you lost track, we are now at $1880. Now, we are still not quite finished, because while I mentioned wii games back at our wii estimate, I didn’t account for indie titles and retro games, as the industry has significantly increased since the days of the wii, I don’t feel it’s fair to base things off of how many games I owned at the time (although I did own a lot of them). So then, we will just be a little broad and assuming you are an enjoyer and active purchaser of these things, we will put you at $500 for 6 years, which while it seems like a lot, for a 6 year time span that’s pretty fair overall. Now then, we are left with a total of $2380, without accounting for anything along the lines of dropping the switch and scratching it and getting repairs, since this is just an estimate I’ll leave that stuff alone. Now keep in mind, after you have spent all this money over the course of 6 years, you are asked to lose all of it, and by all I mean ALLL, with a new console that has no backwards compatability, requires new controllers and is now charging $10 a month for internet, on top of the fact that you already pay $50 a month to have internet at all… meaning you will be spending well over my previous estimate for this new console (especially since AAA game prices seem to magically rise every few years…)

            So now that we have done that estimate, let’s estimate a PC. We can use my machine which is on the higher end side because I am a programmer and novice game developer, which is a laptop costing $1500. Now firstly, being a laptop it is inherently more expensive than a desktop as it is harder to produce and you can’t build it yourself unless you really hate yourself. Now we can estimate accessory prices. $40. period. I bought a $10 mouse and a $30 steam controller when it was on sale, and that will last me for as long as they can still function Since Pc’s are backwards compatible with all accessories. (I’m betting 5 years on the mouse, 10-20 on the controller). Now onto the games. On a PC you will have access to a ton of games, but most of them are significantly cheaper than their console counterparts. Take for instance Overwatch, which I purchased for $40 as a standard non on sale price, because I wasn’t forced to purchase the stupid Origins edition. Now then, let’s look at steam. Based on my Steam account is technically worth $2587. HOWEVER, because I am a smart consumer who is patient, and due to the frequency of sales, I have spent $1037 on games by using humble bundle and steam sales. (To give a time frame, I joined Steam 6 years ago, but that doesn’t really matter as I will explain momentarily). So, I have spent $2567 on games accessories and hardware over the past 6 years. Now you are sitting there thinking to yourself HEY! That’s $200ish more than the console estimate! I’ve got him now! No. because, my laptop will last me easily for the next 10 years before I have to make any upgrades/replacements (the computer is fairly new. before that I used a family desktop free of charge to me, as we all did when we were younger I’m sure. I mean, did you buy your first console, or play on one your parents bought?). So, while yes, I will probably spend similar amounts on games, i’m done with that initial $1500 investment for a long time. After this laptop, I will get a desktop as I will (assuming I’m even recently decent at life) not need a laptop’s portability due to studies anymore. Once I have a desktop, I can simply replace individual parts over the years, rather than throwing out my whole machine and buying another one. my 10 year investment is equivalent to your 6, and if I had bought a desktop of the exact same specs as my laptop, you could (and this is a conservative estimate) lop off $500 of the investment price, and just buy a $10 keyboard and $100 monitor which will last you for life… Also take into account that any game I have in my steam library I have for life. I won’t need/feel obligated to ever buy a new port/rerelease of it ever again, because there will never be a time that my machine can’t play my old games. (also, how stupid is it that nintendo charges you to repurchase NES/SNES games that you own on another console… I mean seriously…) HD rereleases are unnecessary, as we have a modding community for that sort of thing, not to mention they add tons of hilarious content such as fighting Macho Man Randy Savage’s Face on a dragon in Skyrim (I’m not a Skyrim player, but I do find that hilarious), or the complete HD remaster of Morrowind (I am a morrowind player though.)…

            Honestly, my plan was not to “try again” as you put it, but I was having fun researching and estimating, so I wrote this whole thing… Long story short, by purchasing consoles every generation and not switching to PC, you are overcharging yourself THOUSANDS of dollars regularly, all because your console overlords have convinced you that you need to… If you stop buying their consoles, eventually they will come to you, as without your money they don’t open their doors…

            If you had a TLDR moment (I wouldn’t be surprised, this is pretty long), PC’s may appear to be more expensive because they have a larger barrier to entry, but in the long run they will save you a ton of money by allowing for upgrades over replacements, and by having infinite backwards compatibility instead of asking you to pay $60 for a new release of a game just so you can have it on your new console…

            While I accept that you will never come to terms with the “Facts” and “Reason” I’ve used here, it gave me something to do when I was really, really bored. so for that, I thank you… }{

            1. The fact that you actually took the time to write that is really depressing. Do you really have nothing better to do? You should really go out more and get some friends. Maybe you’ll grow out of, whatever you want to call this type of behavior.

                1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

                  Destroyed? Not really. I can understand if you feel that way being a hater of paid online like Sid, though.

            2. I don’t like to game on PCs, simple as that. And we are robbed on the daily by companies as well as are employers and so on and so on. $5 for a better internet service is fine by me. I don’t even have a pc at all, let alone one to game on. Down the road I may get one, but I’ll most likely never be a pc gamer. I like buying a console, and just popping in a disc or whatever inside and connecting to my tv and playing away. I don’t need to have dual monitors, or the latest and greatest graphics card that will be obsolete in like a week. I’ve been a console gamer since I started gaming 29 years ago, and that’s the gamer I’ll always be, if I even continue gaming past this next gen. It’s all getting old to me, although if they keep popping out 3D platformers like Mario Odyssey & Yooka Laylee, I may have to stick around a little while. Some people just like to game on consoles as opposed to pcs, it’s a tradition for many. A lot of pc games don’t even appeal to me on top of everything else. And yea Randy Savage in skyrim is funny, I have seen it. But ya know, back on 64 there was gameshark and I was able to change my games to have different colors and stuff and it was fun for a bit, but honestly I don’t need to do stuff like that. I’m too old to care about stuff like that in a game. I’m worried zelda may be too big and I may not even enjoy it enough to finish, which would be a first in the series. Hope I am incredibly wrong and excited through the end, but the barren lands they keep showing have me worried. Anyway yea I didn’t read your full thing, just the TL DR part, so I don’t expect you to read mine either. As for calling people peasants, lol. People who think they are better than other gamers cause they game on playstation, or xbox, or pc, or nintendo, or whatever they choose, are true peasants. Whatever your reasons.

          2. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

            *looks at Sid’s comment* I see he’s in PC fanboy mode right now. *shrug*

            1. PC fanboys have Zero reason to be here. IDK why he doesn’t find a PC message board to comment on.

            2. ||Except he doesn’t promote his arrogant species as he is supposed to…||

            3. lol yup I barely read most of it, just the shortened part. some people just prefer consoles, its far easier and more convenient regardless of what they say. It’s plug and play.

      2. I agree consoles paying for stable servers is the norm and not a big deal… but if it really is $50, I hope it has group and party chat, and they offer more than one old game rental that you can’t keep per month… again that would be severely overcharging compared to the services you get with the other consoles.. :/

        1. That’s true, I hope they are offering those chats, I thought I read they were but can’t confirm. As for the rental game, yea that’s lame since the others give you free stuff to keep. I wonder when they are gonna talk about the service more in depth.

    2. XBox does the same thing. And…Sony maybe?

      Xbox DOES give you a bunch of free games, and you get to keep them forever, so it is disappointing Nintendo doesn’t give much for it… but I’ve been telling myself that it will probably be much cheaper than Xbox live.

      I wonder if it offers party chat and connects gamers?

      1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

        Yes, Sony does it, too. Only they let you get 2 games for free every month & you get to keep them for as long as you keep your PS Plus account.

  1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

    As I said before, when a store like mine only has 2 preorders available, selling out of preorders is NOT some grand accomplishment. Just more of Nintendo creating demand by limiting the product released. Just like with the NES Classic/Mini or the amiibo or the Wii over 10 years ago!

    1. I live in a Town with less than 50k people and just 1 of our Gamestops had 60 the other had 45 that is 105 just at our 2 Gamestops that doesn’t count our Walmart and other stores like Best Buy. I would assume the stores in bigger cities had much more.

      1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

        I mentioned that myself to the guy that was working there that the bigger cities most likely are the ones with the most stock.

  2. Phew… Ordered it two days ago as well as the Master Edition Zelda.

    Its already out of stock on the EB Games website too.

    1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

      Since I was the first at my store, I’m #1, bitches! lol

      1. Technically I *was* first- I got there at 7am and the next person didn’t show up until 8:15- but we sat in our cars for like 2 hours since we didn’t want to deal with the 10 degree weather. When four of us got out to wait at the door with 5 minutes to go and the guy put the flyer up that said they had 27, we were all like “you know what? Placement doesn’t matter- there’s only 4 of us right now, we’re all guaranteed one” XD

  3. I got there at midnight expecting a huge line only for people to start showing up only an hour before the store opened.

  4. GameStop nor Amazon ever sent me an email. Luckily I was smart enough, and lucky enough to find a preorder available in store.

    Don’t trust Best Buy. They’re notorious for taking more preorders than units available.

  5. Guys jokes aside The Switch is Dead on Arrival and i’ll tell you why

    1: All the issues that led to the Wii U’s Failure havent been fixed.

    2: Lack Of 3rd party games that are found on PS4 and Xbox1 (no 3rd party support.)

    3: Overpriced

    4: Too Weak and Underpowered to Run 3rd party Games,whats worse is its even Now too underpowered to even run Nintendos own games (eg Zelda BOTW) with its Framerate issues

    5: Once again Cheap Nintendo is selling outdated old last gen tech for even a higher price then current 8th gen consoles like PS4.

    6:Still using uneccessary Gimmicks to sl thier product. (JoyCons and HD rumble)

    7: Still not sure who thier target market is Casuals or Real Gamers

    8.Poor Battery life

    9.Poor Launch Games.

    10. Still ignoring fans and releasing games they didnt ask for (No Metroid,No F-Zero)

    All of the above issues are what made WiiU Fail and will likewise make Wii U Fail.

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